How Motherhood has brought out the entrepreneur in me by Moina at Mommy Mojo.

Writing and Networking – I have always loved writing and when I became a mom, I found a subject/topic to write about. This really helped me bring out my writing skills and I enjoyed it, literally came effortlessly. I love spending time journaling the childhood of my kids and in the process of blogging about the life and parenting journey of an Indian Mom. As a person, I have always been an introvert throughout my life but after I became a mother, something in me shifted. I wanted to befriend every woman sailing in the same boat. I loved talking to moms, connecting with them on various occasions. Once my daughter started school, a whole new world of new women/moms was opened up for me to talk and connect with. I socialized, networked and mostly spoke about my life as a mom. I felt like I had a bigger purpose and thus I created my blog and brought motherhood and writing – my two fav roles and created ‘Mommy Mojo’ – An Indian Mother’s Parenting journey.

Marketing – I am a Post Graduate in Human Resources from Mumbai Institute of Management and Research. Little did I know at that point in my life that I’d end up LOVING marketing and branding. With Mommy Mojo being my full-time Work From Home project I am the sole manager and marketer. I’ve learnt so much about branding my self, my website building, my content building, most importantly social media marketing and now I am even beginning to experiment with the ‘mom events’ space. It’s an accomplishment when I talk to brands for collaborations and a huge feeling of satisfaction when I get complimented on the look and feel of my blog and Instagram page.

I’ve come out of my comfort zone: If you’d known me 5 years ago, you’d find me extremely reserved, shy and not talking kinda person who doesn’t make any effort to mingle with acquaintances. I was someone who wouldn’t easily open up about any subject unless a comfort zone is established. Today, as a blogger and publisher at Mommy Mojo I am out and about experimenting with a lot of things, talking to a lot of people to interview them, attending enough events to be seen and recognized as a blogger. A photo shoot, an interview with a newspaper – I don’t hesitate to do any of these. In fact, earlier on when Mommy Mojo was fairly new I would wonder what I’m up to and wouldn’t even talk to anyone about it. And as of today, you’ll see at least one Facebook post from me about my work on a daily basis and I don’t feel shy any more about it.

I’ve learnt to enjoy everything: I’ve come a long way of 5 years into motherhood and I still have a long way to go. I used to be a nervous mom for everything but becoming a mom the second time over has only made me more confident and I wear this crown of being a mom like a pro. It has only made me more and more efficient in the way I manage my self and my little family. I’ve learnt to enjoy it and it doesn’t feel like an extra thing to do. I enjoy doing things for my kids and budget time into my schedule for this. If you ask me, I’d love to stop time because I feel my kids are growing too fast and I want to enjoy them and my quality time with them more and more.