8 Reasons to Declutter your Home by Fizza Durrani

Cluttering. The word is not uncommon. Every one of us is familiar with it. As busy as the world is getting, there are more and more reasons to clutter and hoard.
From “We don’t get the time to clean up” to “who knows, maybe it’ll come in handy someday”, we have all been there.
A thousand reasons why de-cluttering can be procrastinated on and postponed to next weekend or next month or next year to never!
Well, to fight the argument (and win hopefully!) here are 8 reasons why de-cluttering should be a part of our habitual routines.

1-Decluttering induces relaxation
Clutter causes stress. The more stuff you have around, the more your brain signals that you have a lot of work on the list, even though you don’t. This causes restlessness, constant stress and frustration. De-cluttering helps relax the mind after you get rid of everything and anything that is extra. You feel like a lot has been winded up and it’s a feeling of achievement, satisfaction and relief.

2-Makes cleaning easier and quicker
Do you know why it takes you 2 hours to clean that kitchen cabinet? Because you have to clean all those empty ketchup bottles and jam jars!  Get rid of them.
If nothing suitable has popped up to use them for in the last 9 months, chances are there isn’t going to be one for the next 9 months either. Let them go now, sweetie!

3- Activates and enhances decision-making abilities
De-cluttering involves a lot of “Do I need this?”, “Can I use this in any way?”, “Should I throw this or keep this?” This is a healthy activity for the mind. It promotes decision-making capabilities.
Also, it makes you own your decisions. If you realize you could have used that jam jar two months after you tossed it away, own the decision, and tell yourself that it was necessary. This promotes a healthy and positive outlook.

4- Makes more space
Well, obviously. Once you get rid of all the extra stuff, you have space for more. Whether it’s jewellery, clothes, shoes, perfumes or anything at all!  Who doesn’t love that?
Also, all the food that was going bad because you didn’t have enough space in the freezer, can now be rescued.

5- Priorities
A huge part of de-cluttering revolves around what you need and what you don’t. This ultimately leads to you keeping what’s more important and giving out what’s less or not worth keeping any more. This helps you set priorities.

6- Shapes your style
When you de-clutter after a long time, you go through everything you have owned for the past 3 or 5 years. This means about 200 –something trends have come and gone and you still own everything from every trend. This makes your wardrobe or accessory collection look all confused and mixed up. When you only keep what you currently like to wear and use, you toss everything else out and shape your current taste.

7-Helps other and yourself
Don’t forget that whatever you de-clutter can be used by someone else. Used or practically new items. They can all have a new home. Someone may really need what is useless to you now. So, instead of keeping them in your closet until they give up on life and beg for mercy, give them to someone in need or someone who would like to use it.
Also, some of the more expensive items can be sold as well. Give you some extra cash. And nobody minds an extra penny in the pocket for something not worth anything to themselves now.

8- Cluttered home makes a cluttered mind
As I said earlier, clutter induces stress. And de-cluttering promotes relaxation. If you have a cluttered kitchen, every time you walk in there, you will never enjoy making food or cooking anything. If you sit down at your desk to work and there’s clutter all over it, you will never be able to focus and work with a relaxed mindset. You see that bundle of papers! Don’t put your hand on your forehead and pretend you don’t see it! You know you do! I know you do! The pile knows you do!

So get up. And fix the mess. On your desk as well as in your head!
It’s really all the good things at the end. Just a little push, is all you need and it’ll be worth it, I guarantee you.

Fizza Durani