Meet The Founder: Karan Raj Mehta, Yumedic


A 21 year old Civil Engineer from BIT Sindri, Jharkhand, has enabled thousands of patients book their doctor’s appointments, online.  Karan’s user oriented online platform aimed at providing easy access to doctors & hospitals in Tier 2, 3 cities, where ignorance regarding the availability of doctors and lack of the appointment culture has till now prevented people from getting the desired treatment. 

In 2019, Yumedic, previously known as The Hello Doctor, received recognition and funding through Government of Jharkhand’s Startup Initiative Program. Today in a semi-urban city of Dhanbad and Bokaro in Jharkhand, where booking appointments of doctors online was almost non-existent, Yumedic has been able to create a customer base of 30k and expanding. Starting from the hostel room of his engineering college, Karan’s Yumedic is now joined by a team of 700+ doctors & 36 Hospitals, expanding across 3 states & 15 cities. 

1. Tell us a little about the idea behind Yumedic?

I believe health care is a very basic thing & everyone deserves to get quality health care services. So I started Yumedic with the aim to organize the haphazard health-care scenario of the country. Starting from regions where real India moves which are tier 2 & tier 3 cities.

2. What was your initial strategy?

The initial strategy was to get the best doctors on-board & hospitals of state & start the operations so that we can check the shortcomings & update accordingly, which initially was a humongous task as no elite doctors & hospitals trusted a 19 year old boy handling their appointments.

3. How important was the role of your family and friends in this project? 

My family played a very big role in my entrepreneurial journey , my parents always supported me even though I was doing something completely apart from my studies, they believed in me which was the motivating force for me. I am really thankful to my friends who helped me in taking assignments, college works & in the meantime they were acting like a call center too from their hostel dorms, to clear the queries of our new users. They never let me feel lonely or helpless in this journey & always accompanied me.

4. How did the funding and recognition from Govt. of Jharkhand help? 

Jharkhand Govt.’s funding & recognition was really a boon for us. It helped us in creating trust among elite doctors & hospitals when we were in the nascent stage. Along with that we were able to participate at various entrepreneurial workshops conducted by GoJ through which we learned a lot. 

5. What implications did this pandemic have on Yumedic? 

The pandemic came in when we were maintaining a healthy growth rate, so initially we need to stall our operations for sometime as the rate of appointments plummeted as physical visits to doctors were not happening, but kudos to our technical team that within few days we immediately shifted to video conferencing & started giving quality healthcare. We have been able to get 3000+ users during this lockdown. 

6. What do you think about the future of India regarding startups? 

India is a big country & there’s a lot of work to be done in every field, so there are lots of opportunities waiting for everyone. Hence the future of Startups in India is very bright & I believe various great initiatives will emerge in upcoming years. 

7. How has what you learnt in Engineering influenced your entrepreneurial journey? 

Frankly speaking we all know that engineering in India is fun & that’s when one tends to find his or her passion, so it was same for me. My indulgence in college activities helped me to learn management skills, utilization of resources & how to deal with people. I implemented all these in my entrepreneurial journey. 

8. What’s next for YuMedic? 

So, we are planning to create a platform which will become the synonym of quality healthcare services. Whenever a person needs a doctor they will think of us. We are officially going to launch our app along with various services like exclusive zones, emergency services etc. Our aim is to change the way 1.3 billion people access their healthcare facilities. 

9. Any advice for the youths of today?

So, for the youths I just want to suggest, work hard & stay true to the man in the mirror, it’s the peak time of our life when we have maximum brain cells & our body can adapt to almost anything so if we inculcate good habits in ourselves now we all can do wonders.