A Star Is Born by Amy Goldberg

Here’s the story of one incredible human being who despite all odds has the ability to inspire and motivate himself and others to truly experience life for what it is. A human being with so much charisma, likability, love, passion, creativity and focus that you feel his energy before you see him. Now, he has The WOW Factor.

This was not always the case. Despite all of the challenges he has faced in his life, he’s a testament to how one person can survive, no thrive in an environment filled with negativity and anger.

Who am I talking about? Who is ‘he?” He is Tommy Grasley aka TOMMYGUNN; singer, songwriter and producer. He has had the ability to maintain throughout his life, thus far, a positive disposition with a relentless mindset to pursue what he knows to be his destiny.

This isn’t a new story. Millions of people face struggle and hardship. What I’m fascinated with is how, in the face of one’s negative surroundings, one can rise above and keep pushing. He pushed against the current battling his demons with fighting, anger, vengeance, drugs and alcohol for 15 years. And then, at the age of 33, he said; “Enough.”

So many of us are still looking for that instant gratification. When we don’t get it, we give up. Well, Tommy is 12 years in the making. Grinding it out. Showing his grit. As far as I’m concerned, he’s already a multi-platinum Grammy Award winning Rockstar. He hasn’t won the awards just yet. He is one incredible artist. And it’s not just me saying it. His newest album; I BELIEVE IN LOVE has been compared to ELO and Uriah Heep, and it hasn’t been released yet!

I’m confident that TOMMYGUNN will prevail. He doesn’t need me to tell him that either. He is going to reinvent rock and roll where New Classic Rock actually plays NEW classic rock.

Currently the classic rock sound seems to be reserved for 50-year-old songs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. They’re great! However, how about giving Beethoven a rest. Let’s give new classic rock a listen to. Check out his sound for yourself: www.tommygrasley.com

For all the struggling artists, keep going. Keep pursuing your dreams. Stay focused. If this is what you want, then don’t let fear get in your way. Ask yourself, “How badly do I want it?”

It only takes one opportunity, if you’re prepared, you just might get lucky.

Break a leg.