Be Kind ~ Ravneet Sangha

So, why does the suicide feel so personal?
Why are we crying more?
Why are we lashing out more?
Why does the pain hit in the middle of the chest?
Is it because he was one of us?

Is it because one felt that he had risen from the ranks and was a commoner who believed in his dream and wanted to pursue it just because it felt right in his heart giving up the lucrative Indian middle-class dream of an engineering job. He was the sexy boy next door who rose an touched the pinnacle of success.
The questions will remain forever etched and the who, why or what will stay forever, but the main underlying problem is that do we admit that it is an illness? It’s not mental, don’t shrug it off. Its a chemical imbalance, and that just makes one sad, gloomy, full of despair and one has bleak thoughts. It’s not about that one can say or snap out of just because you or I mean it. It’s because it’s beyond one’s control and its that one split second where he or she takes the extreme step of ending his life.

In a world that is fraught with so much hatred, unkind behaviour, why is that only when an incident happens that we start spouting homilies, sharing quotes and say be kind, why don’t we say I will be helpful. Why doesn’t it begin from you, from home? Why not start with oneself?

Consciously or subconsciously we all resort to unkindness, nastiness; sometimes we will say things that will leave an indent or a scar that will hurt and make the other person lose his confidence, shake him up and also start the gnawing of self-doubt.
I know of someone who was ridiculed, harassed because she had gained weight, that body shaming was to such an extent from ‘well-meaning family Aunties.

Auntyji, what about your butt and stomach that is dropping down to touch your pedicured jewel toes? No one wants to look into the mirror to see the true picture.

Have you ever indeed seen yourself in the mirror? Do you like yourself, think about that before making any statement about another. It’s not easy this world, we all have insecurities, and they get manifested and heightened to such an extent that one can take the extreme step. Imagine what one must be feeling that one tries to takes one life. So much, courage at that moment, the despair that one sinks to rock bottom to die, to snuff out one’s life.
I don’t have any answers, all I can ask from all is friendliness, to be generous, as we truly never know what the other person is hiding behind that mask. No one has an answer; no one has it all together, it’s not a piece of cloth that we can stitch it back sometimes we just hold it all together barely by a thread that will fray and unravel at the slightest tug.

You know hat broke my heart was, that his dog died yesterday, they are the most loyal companion of all and this bond is inexplicable. What must he feel that he just died of heartbreak …..
Next time, you bring someone down, when you are nasty or say something demeaning and derogatory, remember what your words can do. They leave am ark not visible to the naked eye, but forever remain etched in the heart and soul. The holes just get more extensive, and one gets sucked into the chasm.

The prayers you do, the spiritual path you want to follow will only happen when you are kind.

Be kind; it doesn’t cost anything, its free. And see, what you unleash it’s your superpower, and there is enough in this world to go around!