Benefits Of Drinking Water For A Healthy, Glowing and Youthful Skin

By Vijayshree

As we all know, water is desideratum to the human body in order to function well and survive. It is of utmost importance to each and every living cell present in the body; as without adequate water to plenish the cells, organs and tissues; the core bodily work processes cannot be sustained in the long run. Here, let us take a look at the innumerable activities carried out by this universal miracle liquid for the upkeep of internal health and semblance in an individual.  

Apart from transporting oxygen and vital nutrients to all the cells of the body, water serves as an essential component that aids in digestion, elimination of bacteria from the bladder, avert constipation, enhance the function of blood, heart and vessels as well as retain the electrolyte level of balance in the body.

The aforementioned activities are a corroborative fact to the imperative inference drawn that, ‘There is no life without water’!

Thus, water is an indispensable component that is requisite for carrying out life processes within the body, so as to perpetuate the overall internal well-being of an individual. 

Without optimum water content; the skin being the largest organ of the human body won’t be in a state to look at its finest and may appear to be dry, tight and sensitive. This can make it more susceptible to signs of aging. Drinking adequate amounts of water plays a consequential role to ameliorate uneven skin tone, prevent fine lines of aging and sagging of skin. 

Heightened elasticity of skin implicitly resonates to impeding premature semblance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of skin; particularly visible in areas like upper arms, waist, thighs and jawline where the sagging is conspicuous enough. Proper water intake tends to support skin elasticity thereby boosting tighter skin.

Sebum secretion and clogging up of skin pores is almost every individual’s nightmare, especially women! Menstruation and diet also play a significant role in the development of acne. And oh yes! There are diverse options to control oil production and prevent acne in today’s date. However, how about getting to abide by basic DIY hacks on an initial note, so as to abstain from reckless stump up of money on several products. One of the most basic yet pertinent measure or hack is to consume enough quantities of plain water to hydrate the skin and maintain the body’s pH balance. 

Dehydration can affect the body’s potential to flush out all the toxins from the system. Hence, optimal hydration is essential, to remove the dirt and bacteria present as well as minimize the risk of acne and other skin issues. Stress and anxiety coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle are contributive factors for increasing the oil production of skin; which can lead to clogging up of pores eventually, resulting in acne breakouts. Consuming ample amount of water would naturally help in preserving the natural oils present in the face; accompanied by moisture content. As rightly put forth, drinking water is like giving a shower to the internal system of one’s body. It helps the skin to stay spotless, fresh and steer away from skin eruptions such as heat boils, rashes and also keeps the gut system healthy. A healthy gut is vital for the upkeep of pristine skin and overall health in general. 

Hydration and skin care go hand in hand. You can be rest assured, that your favourite moisturizers and creams would work wonders on your skin; if you are properly hydrated. If the skin is fine, then it will very well take in water from all these sources as well. Thus, in this way; skincare products can be utilized to the best of their potential. 

The essential amount of water intake to achieve, youthful and glowing skin can be done by incorporating the right varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs along with water; to make a brilliant detox drink; that will surely help to lift one’s spirits and look forward to his or her recommended daily dose of consumption of the wonder liquid.  

You can try out these below mentioned refreshing, flavorful detox drinks that will definitely revitalize you; whilst providing contentment and predilection for the same!

  • Cucumber, lemon and Mint Infusion Water
  • Orange and Basil Water
  • Lemon, mint and raspberries water
  • Blueberry Mint Lemonade Water
  • Strawberry Basil Lemon Water
  • Fruit ice cubes with Water

These are only a few noteworthy examples, that you can go ahead and try out. However, there are lot of similar delectable detox drinks out there, that will surely inspire you to a healthy living and most importantly; act as a remedial solution to any skin problem that you might face!

As per the Institute of Medicine, the recommended intake of water for healthy and glowing skin in Men is about 104 ounces (13 cups) and around 72 ounces (9 cups) for women.