Conquer your FOMO on Beauty Treatments with iORA’s DIY Salon Kits

Article by Anita Golani, Founder of iORA & Anita’s Aromatic Solutions

The world, yet again,  has had to evolve due to  the pandemic ; leaving us in despair with no time left for self-care. The festivities are rolling in and that is  reason enough  to move out of our lazy pyjamas and get glammed up! The high risks of contracting covid , makes us apprehensive to think of a salon; that thought is quite valid since venturing out does increase the risk. Inspired by this spirit of self-care and ‘responsible wellness’ , we designed the iORA DIY Salon-kit Series, to treat yourself with salon-like grooming treatments from the safety and comfort of your homes! 

iORAmeans ‘PURE’. It is a homegrown selfcare brand that was born out of the intent to PriORAtize Wellness , especially  during the lockdown. As the brand name suggests, the products are developed using organic- formulae, which are Paraben and Sulphate free. Earlier this year, while being couped up in our homes, we realised how some incorrect lifestyle choices have an acute impact on our skin. It made us realise  the fact that good skin requires natural  products  & a consistent effort in keeping the skin healthy

Skincare is often restricted to only our face. We conveniently neglect the little issues of our skin like dark & dry elbows & knees; the ignored calluses that have turned into blisters & corns. The most common issue plaguing us has been the excessive dryness in our hands because of constant use of sanitizers & hand- washes. Let’s start taking care of these small but important things, because we know that  these little moments of selfcare make a big difference.  A brain child of Anita Golani, who has been committed to developing affordable and accessible wellness care in the country; iORA as a brand priORAtises Well-being.

The DIY- Kits contain products such as  Ready to use Manicure Pedicure Kits in two variants – (Green Apple and Black Currant) – Wholesome Mani-Pedi kits consisting of essential salts, pulpy mask, body butters, mineral scrub, cuticle cream, etc. that are packed with the power of natural oils and antioxidants to improvises overall nail health.  

iORA offers individual products like  Callus Softener to remove unwanted calluses covered over wounds and under the feet. They have specially developed the Nail Dip Powder to strengthen brittle nails & get rid of yellowness. The Elbow and Knee Balm is an effective product for smoothening and moisturising rough edges. We all love our masks, going by the popular consumer demand iORA has developed the Glow Hot Mask that seeps into your pores, thoroughly cleanses it & rejuvenises the skin. Keeping in my the festive season demands, the brand has devised two festive gift boxes , Classic Gift Box and Infinity Tulip Gift Box

Anita Golani has shared some skin fixes. She says, “Just like we take care of our dietary intakes, we should also religiously take care of our skin . With weather shifts and the chaotic life that we all lead, it is  important to include a wellness  routine   in your daily life.”

 Listed below are some  tips:

  • Do not step out of the house without applying sunscreen with a good SPF count.
  • Avoid excessive use of nail paint removers, polishes. If you do feel like getting your nails done, make sure to apply a basecoat to prevent weak nail health.
  • Moisturize daily and Exfoliate at least once a week!
  • Make water your favourite drink! (Add lime wedges, mint leaves, and other additives to make your own flavoured detox water) Remember – Your skin loves water, therefore you should too!
  • Avoid chemical infused products and make your switch to natural ones.