Cooking Tips for Busy Ladies/Lads from The Editor’s Kitchen

I know the feeling, you have a billion things on your mind, but eating healthy and well is important. Here are my 5 cooking tips for all you busy folks out there

1. Prep your smoothie ingredients a couple of days in advance to ensure you can get in that health boost even on busy days. Also, try and balance the fruit and veg in your smoothie or you will just be overloading on sugar. If you are a vegetarian like me, you can add some chia seeds to your smoothie for extra protein.

2. Do not Skip Breakfast: Sure you heard this a gazillion time on every healthy eating website. There are a range of quick and simple breakfast’s you can make like overnight oats, chia seed putting, avocado on toast, quick eggs. Try and avoid sugary cereal bars or cereals. Connivence foods are often loaded with sugar.

3. Healthy Snacking: If you like to snack, ensure you always have healthy snacks close to you such as almonds, homemade kale crisps, fruit, berries or yoghurt. When you are in need of a snack the last thing you will do is go grab a packet of Lays. I mean we love a bit of Masala Lays but your body needs you to look after it.

4. Make a list of groceries and recipes you wish to make for a week. This way you won’t get sidetracked by takeaway options. You can save time by buying your groceries online somewhere like BigBasket and save time.

5. Sauces or bases can often be batch prepared. You can make a large batch and freeze for future use. You can also batch make snacks and this way you won’t find cooking daunting when you are tired.

6. Drink enough water: Make sure you are always drinking enough water, your body and skin will thank you for it. If you find it difficult to drink water the plant nanny app is great.

7. Have a list of easy to cook recipes on your roster: Sometimes you can be exceedingly tired or simply can’t be bothered. Have a list of recipes you can cook when you are too tired. Mine are frittatta, bean burgers, stir fry or the humble halloumi burger.

As a side tip, I also use a mandolin to save time when cutting. But, it’s important to be careful when using a mandolin, after all, your fingers are precious.

I hope you enjoyed this list of cooking tips for busy ladies/lads. If you have anything else that you would add, please use the comments below

Nim x