Eco fashion ~ Madhulina Sur 

Eco fashion or sustainable fashion as its called, is a way to lessen pollution from garments. The garments that we wear are highly known for polluting our environment so some environmental friendly organisations have discovered non-polluting clothes and biodegradable fabrics to save our planet Earth and lets be honest, as French President Emmanuel Macron says, “we have only one planet”, we don’t have a Planet B, it means we have planet A as planet Earth and we don’t have any other planet to go to. So, it is better to make our planet pollution free.

While some of you are wondering what is the relation between clothes and pollution, the answer is that pollution is also caused by garments that we wear. The question you may ask is, “How to stop it?”We have the answer, it is sustainable fashion or eco-fashion.There is this fandom about slow fashion nowadays, it is about thinking organically about fashion. Fast fashion is the exact opposite of slow fashion and hence, not eco friendly. This is what we know about it. So, we try to think about the colours being organic, the clothes being sourced from a sustainable buyer and also that it biodegrades in the earth. It is about having one piece of garment and not several pieces of junk garments. Yes, you heard me correctly, junk garments. If there can be junk jewellery why can’t there be junk garments, which are just fads. So, i will term this fast fashion or fad fashion as junk fashion.

We need to challenge ourselves and stop buying this kind of fads. It includes garments which pollute the environment. There is always a choice and the only one who can make a change is you! You, the user and the buyer. So, stop buying junk fashion and start buying slow fashion.

Slow fashion leads the way to environment friendly products and researchers have already come up with fibres like jute, hemp, soybean etc and also milk that are used to make clothes. Yes, these fibres not only give us a new choice but also makes our planet healthier. So, we need to understand what is better for our planet. Buy cotton, wool and silk and maintain them, do not buy fads that last less than a season. Buy classics and keep them for better days to come. Recycle and reuse your clothes.

A true example of sustainability is the innovation of Saathi pads in India, these are organically made sanitary napkins for women. I am glad to know that we have progressed into eco friendly pads and they are biodegradable too. Wow! my most difficult days of the month will have some relief for the planet.

Happy reading!