Featured: Effortless Interiors + Interview with the Founder

Nowadays there are several interior designers out there but only a few have impeccable taste; are educated for the job and are what one refers to as a true professional. Effortless Interiors and its founder form a part of the select few; which is why we featured Effortless Interiors and also interviewed its founder, Urvi Khanna.

Effortless Interiors as the name suggests aims to leave you with a space that looks effortlessly put together. Urvi Khanna, the founder truly believes a space should really feel comfortable and personal, to make you happy but, at the same time allow you to use the area efficiently. Be it a full-fledged residential or commercial project or a something as simple as curtains or art for a space, Urvi Khanna is at your service. 

We interviewed Urvi Khanna for our readers about what inspires her; tips for aspiring interior designers and much more. Read her interview below:

1. What informs your design?

Design is just everywhere. Today, we have access to just about everything with the internet, so I’d have to say most of my design information comes online. I’ve also done a course in interior design which has taught me all the basics. I’d say both are vital

 Learn from everything around you but basics are essential.

2. What trends do you like in interior design?

 I’m not one to follow trends per se, but they definitely keep you informed and in vogue. However, if I absolutely had to pick, I’d say I’m a fan of layering, different textures and patterns. 

3. How do you get inspired?

 Oh, that’s tricky. Inspiration comes from anything quite honestly. Be it an article, a photo, looking out of the window, reading something, travelling. Travelling probably leaves the brain flooded with ideas. Seeing and learning different things from different places and cultures is absolutely amazing. The subtle similarities and the vast differences, leave you with so many ideas.

4. What are you tired of seeing?

Not at all a fan of perfect spaces, where everything looks like it’s been placed. Spaces that are impersonal and clinical, I find this terrible. A space should reflect the people who are going to use it, not just be a room. 

5. Do you have any tips in general from an interior design perspective? 

Being different is key, nothing is wrong with being different. We are all different, have different likes and dislikes. Just have to tastefully put together a bunch of our likes. Being willing to experiment and try something different is always a good idea, not saying we need to go completely out of our comfort zone. But a good play and mix of things is always good. 

6. What are your tips for anyone wanting to study interior design?

A course is absolutely essential. You learn so much. Please don’t think that it’s all fun and picking pretty things!

Time management and organisation are key in the industry, so be prepared. Long hours, some tedious work too. Also, those of you scared of maths and drawing, don’t be. The maths bit, softwares help and besides you learn sooner than you know. And the drawing bit, we all can manage more than we think. I could barely draw a tree!

Please be sure to visit Urvi’s Website: http://effortlessinteriors.co.in/

You can also reach her on +91 9888720907

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© Photo by Effortless Interiors