How to Build a Website?

So you want to build a website; maybe for your business or maybe your blog. Building a website can seem a daunting and resource heavy task. Learn how to build a website with our article. Here is our simple guide on creating your own website.

1. Nature of the Website

What is the nature of your website? Is it a blog, is it an e-commerce shop or are you selling a service or are you taking booking? Establishing this at the very beginning will help guide your other steps in the process.

2. Website Platform

Now we imagine you don’t really want to dish out oodles of rupees to get this website off the ground. You ideally want to get a minimal viable product before you start spending oodles on the website. If you are planning on blogging then we recommend using WordPress with a theme either on a free or personal plan. You can buy a domain directly from WordPress and forward any emails free. Voila, start that blogging career of yours right away.

If you want to build a website that sells products or promotes a range of services. We recommend you use Squarespace as it is a scalable option. It has a range of templates to suit any business. The templates are idiot proof and dependent on your skill; you can hit the ground running. Becuase Squarespace offers a free trial; it is a great idea to try before you buy.

3. Content

A website without content isn’t going to get anywhere. So we suggest you create a list of pages that your website needs before going live and you write the content for it. If you don’t fancy writing the content; we suggest you hire a freelancer to write these pages for you but ensure they understand your brand. Product copy is also vital if you want to sell products.

Create a list and get writing. Our best writing tip is to just write and don’t get too caught up in perfect; you can always change the copy in the future or adapt it.

4. Images

When building a website; images are vital. An easy way to get images is to get a stock photo membership. They have a range of images that can help you create aesthetically pleasing website pages. We personally use Thinkstock.

5. Sign Up Forms

Lastly; you don’t want to build a website if you don’t actually collect any leads. Leads are vital to grow and sustain the business. Use a provider that works for you and get a sign-up form integrated into your website. We personally prefer MailChimp due to years of use and loyalty.

If you are really struggling to get this website off the ground. Our friends at Marketing Essentials Lab can help you create the perfect website.


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