Featured: Hwealth Café {Plus Recipe}


In today’s world where one is always on the lookout for healthy alternatives & calorie-conscious choices, Hwealth Café is a lovingly-crafted, real-nutrition chain that ensures not just a guilt-free indulgence but a power-packed munching experience. Offering a trove of slim protein smoothies made with real fruits and choice-ingredients, garden-fresh detox juices, slim salads, and some of the healthiest continental, Mediterranean and Asian all-day fares. Hwealth Cafe serves you lean protein, carbs and fibre, perfectly balanced and filling low-calorie meal platters with a twist of delightful fusion.

Here, not only can you binge away on the lowest-calorie burgers, sandwiches and wraps that will keep your taste buds drooling but can also satiate your sweet tooth with a range of skinny cakes and desserts. To complete the meal, one can choose from a range of healthy aromatic herb teas.

Hwealth Cafe even serves special vegan options and low-carb, low glycaemic index platters for patrons with blood-sugar-related conditions.The menu is built around a carefully disciplined approach to nutritious, purposeful food.

  • No white rice – we use brown rice, ragi, bajra & jowar
  • No egg-yolks – just low cholesterol egg whites
  • No butter, cream or cheese – just the tiniest brush of extra-virgin olive oil
  • No mayo or pre-prepped sauce – everything made low-calorie from scratch

With the pleasant aura & the rich texture that all our healthy munchies imbue, at Hwealth Café, one is sure to be satisfied with happy bellies, thriving hearts, & healthy limbs!

Here is a smoothie recipe provided by Hwealth Cafe:


Strawberry & Mixed Berry Booster Hi-Protein Power Smoothiemonika-grabkowska-727071-unsplash.jpg


  • Toned milk (220 ML)
  • Strawberry protein powder (0.020KG)
  • Frozen strawberry (0.30KG)
  • Frozen blueberries (0.20KG)
  • Ice cubes (3)


1. Combine all ingredients except mint leaf in a blender for about 40-50 seconds. 2. Pour into a glass. Garnish with a mint leaf on top & serve.

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