How to create more storage space

Article by – Design Attic, Mumbai’s leading interior design agency.

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The easiest way to create more storage space in your home/office is to begin by getting rid of clutter and defining your space.

The first rule of saving space is to use pieces of furniture that can perform more than one function. Modular furniture, multi-functional furniture and corners are good options that can help in complete optimisation.

Secondly, most of us like to keep the space below our beds clear. However, this space below can double up to store bulky goods that take up the volume or those that you don’t have room for, such as extra linen, warm clothing, quilts and blankets that are required seasonally. Beds with built-in storage or with large rollout or pull-out drawers will serve this purpose.

Thirdly, a well-designed headboard can account for a safe/hidden space for money, important documents, jewellery etc.

Here are some furniture pieces that will help you free up ample space in your home/office.

The solution for a spacious room is the use of a Murphy bed, which will help free up space and can make a small bedroom appear rather spacious.

A seating bench or an ottoman with compartments below can provide storage for goods of various descriptions and are super versatile. It can be used as a footstool, coffee table or even space to store throws and pillows that make the space seem comfier and cosy.

A trunk or wooden chest which is polished or wrapped in a printed fabric acts as a statement furniture piece at the foot of your bed or in the living room. It can be used daily to store woollens.

Tiered storage and using multiple-sized bins above and below kitchen counters can double or triple storage space.

A cabinet with narrow shelves covered by a mirror in front will provide space for toiletries and other essentials in your bathroom. Configure the upper shelves to hold taller bottles and items that can be viewed comfortably and reached easily and will also free up counter space and place in the lower drawers.

Cubbies with cubes are versatile and great for storing toys, books, cleaning agents and odd-sized goods.

A shoe den fitted on any wall is tall and slim and a great solution for shoes that need to be stored in one place.

A hanging, back-of-the-door shoe organiser to creates space to store extra pairs of footwear.

The base of a dining table can be used to store crockery, and the table top can have slim drawers below to store cutlery and table mats.

Sofas can be used as a pull-out bed or storage below. L-shaped sofas are ideal for the same and can be used as both collectively.

Instead of having solid walls between rooms sound, proof partitions can be created, and 3’’-4″ space can be utilised as a dresser with a mirror.

Shelves with a designer or chic mirror can uplift the space when dressed with candles, flower vases or accessories.

Shelves fixed in small, underutilised spaces enable you to gain a tremendous amount of storage in a space that would otherwise be wasted behind any standard door.

File Compactor storages are a great way to store files in offices and commercial spaces.

Furniture, which comprises glass and metal as a reflective surface, adds an illusion of more open space.

Use these furniture items and you’ll never feel short of space.