Rapid Fire with India’s leading beauty influencer – Tarini Peshawaria

Tarini Peshawaria is India’s most popular beauty and skincare influencer, based out of the Golden City of India, Amritsar. While growing up, Tarini always showed great interest in indulging in home remedies for skincare. With the growth of social media, her interest in skincare led her to sharing her views and skincare practices on social media which was greatly applauded by her followers. Tarini, considers herself to be the kind of content creator who shares her thoughts unabashedly on genuine product reviews, makeup tips and tricks, hair dos and don’ts as well living abroad and moving countries.Over the years, Tarini has proactively spoken about affordable beauty and skincare. In an exclusive rapid fire round, she reveals…

Any siblings?

Yes I have one elder sister and she’s a chef!

What’s your favourite app?

I should say it’s Instagram because I spend so much time on it, but to be honest, it’s YouTube. I’m a sucker for long form content.

What is one thing you still have from your childhood?

My first ever earrings from my grandmother when I got my ears pierced.

Must have item in your bag?

I think my sinus spray, since I have a bad case of blocked nose very often.

Cooking or Baking?

Cooking. Baking is way too meticulous for me.

Most recent influencer crush?

Recent and all time favourites of mine are Mallika Dua and Kusha Kapila. I love how real they are.

Best first date idea?

Netflix and chill!

Biggest pet peeeve?

Showing off. It really puts me off.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I read a book called Influencer by Brittany and it talked about how we all need to be ourselves to stand out in the overly saturated influencer world and that uniqueness will always be our USP. That really resonated with me.

Which is the most favourite brand collaboration you’ve ever done?

I enjoy all my brand collaborations equally. I don’t think it’s fair to pick just one. I treat my organic content and branded content the same way, by enjoying every bit of it!

If you hadn’t been an influencer, what would you be doing?

Definitely be a journalist or a writer since that is what I studied during my masters. Who knows I might still be one!