Insights from Stylist Divya Singh Vishwanath for creating a classic wardrobe

Isn’t it a familiar feeling to spend hours staring at our overflowing wardrobes, and eventually conclude that we have nothing to wear? Or simply stay in our pyjamas to avoid that painful process!

Too many clothes, too many shoes and a lot of time spent every morning, deciding what to wear. Yet, we are not happy with our choice. It’s not always ‘too many cooks’, but ‘too many choices’ also spoil the cake. The ‘Classic Wardrobe’ is the answer to battle this crossroad we so often find ourselves at. “So let’s go straight to how to build this classic wardrobe.” Says Divya.

Little black dress

The LBD is a versatile essential that can be worn in multiple ways. For that formal look, pair it with black pumps, a white or nude cardigan, pearl drops and a tote bag. If you want to ace that party look then simply pair a LBD with black stilettos and a silver or black clutch. Get ready for the evening date or movie night on cold autumn by styling your little black dress with black or nude loafers, a stole or a cardigan. Your winter look is ready in a jiffy! Simply, pair the chic black dress with a white button-down shirt and a black broad belt and high heels to turn all heads.

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed in a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld

T-shirts and dresses

Additionally, you can’t go wrong with a shirt dress for casual outings, paired with sneakers or flat mules! A t-shirt dress in grey or navy blue is a must have for hanging out with friends or at home.

Make up a casual appearance with a button-down shirt in white, light blue or grey for formal wear. You can pair them with jeans for semi-formals, and trousers for formal wear. Depending on the weather, add a blazer or a cardigan.

Divya even suggests having full sleeves and half sleeves t-shirt, preferably fitted, in white, black or grey. They can be used for office wear if paired with a blazer or cardigan. For informal wear, pair them with either jeans or shorts. Add a jacket depending on the weather.

For that party look, a satin/silk shirt in nude or any bright colour can do wonders. Pair them with a pencil skirt or jeans and you are instant party ready.


Divya suggests investing in a good pair of blue and white jeans. With high heels, they will make an ideal party wear, similarly, with black or nude pumps, office /formal wear and with sneakers you can even go on a trek.

Jackets and Coats

A Beige and a black blazer is a must have in your wardrobe. Get both in classic fitting for that elegant look. Pair them with colourful scarfs or style them with cosy cardigans in black or grey.

A pair of comfortable denims, shorts or fitted jacket can be the perfect attire for an informal look. Alternatively, pair it with a skirt or jeans with heels and it can pass off as a party attire too. Similarly, a trench coat is a good investment if the weather demands you to wear something cosy and warm.


Splurging on shoes can be a lot but a pair of black high heels is a must. If you want to really indulge then a pair of red heels is a great option too. You can wear it with white shirt, jeans and layered necklaces. It would work with classic dresses or shirts too. A pair of classic black and nude pumps makes up for perfect formal wear.If you are looking for something more comfortable, then Black Loafers are a great option too! Don’t forget to have a pair of sneakers, preferably white to pair with your casual outfits. Similarly, flat sandals for the summer days or travel looks is an essential too. One must also own waterproof bathroom slippers for daily use.

For winters, you can invest in classic black boots in leather or suede. If you live in areas of heavy rain then waterproof Rain boots become a necessity too!


Scarfs in different colours, long or short can act as statement pieces when your outfit is basic and monochrome. You can also have multilayered neck sets in different hues or preferably, one in gold and one in silver. Do keep a chic pearl string as it goes with everything and so does a pear/diamond drop for formal or work wear. Adorn gold hoops for parties or a jeweled bracelet in similar colours as necklace. For belts, black broad belt or a nude thin belt can be a great choice for versatile usage.


A black classic work bag or a nude tote bag can carry your world wherever you go. If you are looking for carrying the essentials then a cross body bag in black or nude can be an ideal choice. For parties and events, a formal clutch in black, gold and silver is all you need to make any outfit catchy!


If you are thinking of investing in extras then two workout outfits in good quality fabric must be handy. Similarly, one must own a swim suit for the occasional trips.

With these you are pretty much set with your classic wardrobe. Invest in good quality items as they will last you for years to come.

I have given you a lot of combinations, but try a few on your own.

As Katherine Hepburn said, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Stay fabulous!