Instant Happiness ~ Shreya S 

We, the millennials, also famously known as the generation Y are a group of people who need everything instantly be it food, clothes and even love. We are famous because of our ability to switch from one thing to another in a short amount of time. Parents hate our decisions and companies dread our resignations. But wait, are we as complicated as the world thinks?

Before you answer that question, let’s look at our life as a millennial. Believe it or not, we are far more privileged than our parents. Convenience has become our birth-right (thanks to mobile apps) and we hate to wait, which in no way is wrong. However, the world of guaranteed 30 minutes food delivery and 5 minutes wait time for cabs has messed up with our heads big time. We are so used to getting everything instantly that we have a similar outlook towards our life.

We work hard for ‘instant’ rewards, we want to get out of difficult problems asap and we want to forget about a heartbreak like it never happened. The result – we want to feel happy, instantly.

Technology has revolutionized everything except one thing – our mind. We are still made out of flesh and blood like our ancestors and we have the same kind of emotions like they did. We feel strongly and get hurt when something goes wrong. We still want to be loved and cared for and no gadget can change that. We still want to be happy and surround ourselves with positivity. The question now is, when we literally have the world on our fingertips, why are we struggling to be happy?

Well, for starters, let’s accept that not everything in life will be instant. We would have to work super hard to be successful (yes, overnight success is a myth). We would have to face disappointments every now and then and will have to pick ourselves up to start all over again. Not every relationship would be great, and we might not find ‘the right one’ even after 10 failed relationships (which I hope never happens to you). Truth is, life is hard, it will suck on some days and be amazing on the others. We must go through it all. It’s not necessary to feel happy and positive on all days and it is normal to feel the pain. Don’t hate yourself for being sad, fat or ugly. Life is too short to label yourself like that.

Love yourself and embrace your reality. Smile a lot when everything is great and cry a little when things get tough. Dream big and be willing to work hard for it. Believe in your abilities no matter what anyone says. Remember, a wise man once said, you don’t achieve what you want, you achieve what you are willing to struggle for. The same applies to happiness, which my friend, is not-so-instant.

– Wordfully Yours (Shreya)