Language of the Flowers by Jyoti Kerkar

Langauge of Flowers

Do you know about Language of the Flowers, intriguing right?

Flowers have always been a thing of joy and happiness to all. Flowers have fascinated people for centuries in many countries. Mythology and folklore have numerous references to flowers and the role played by them. 

Learning their symbolic meaning was a great pastime during the past era. Believe it or not, there are different emotions and mood attached to different flowers. Flowers have made poets like William Wordsworth write the “Daffodils”. Flowers can also serve as mood changers. 

Different flowers have dedicated seasons to bloom and fade away, the colours they display cannot be replicated. Each bloom of flowers have such unique colours. The meaning of the same flower with different colour varies, A White Rose is Care, Pink rose is for Happiness, Yellow Rose is for Friendship.

Daffodil: are lovely bulbous flowers and are resilient too, they grow from year to year. They were made immortal in Wordsworth’s poem. “Wandered lonely as a cloud.” It’s a very optimistic flower and also associated with rebirth, they have a bright and happy yellow color.

Chrysanthemum: are beautiful flowers found in yellow, white or red, they are simply called Mums too. They bloom in the fall, despite the cold winters they symbolise strength and beauty, these flowers also symbolise fidelity and positive outlook. In China, the flowers are given to elders as it is believed to give long life and are kept in homes for good luck. The Buddhist use them as offerings because of its Yang energy.

Orchid: as it is a unique and exotic flower it symbolises refinement and mature charm. Different colored orchids have different meaning for example white orchid is for joy and innocence, Purple orchid symbolises royalty, and they also mean admiration and respect.

Sunflower: this flower is attuned to the direction of the Sun, so this flower symbolizes dedication, adoration, but too much of this can lead to haughtiness too. They are the happiest flowers and a source of vibrancy and energy. 

Aster: is available in many colours and is a beautiful wildflower. In ancient times they were considered as enchanted flowers. Aster is a Greek word which means Star. They usually are the last summer blooms. They symbolise patience, they also mean wisdom.

Hope you enjoyed reading, here is a lovely poem summing up the ‘Language of Flowers.’

There is a language, little known, Lovers claim it as their own. Its symbols smile upon the land, Wrought by nature’s wondrous hand; And in their silent beauty speak, Of life and joy, to those who seek, Love Divine and sunny hours in the language of the flowers.

The Language of Flowers, London, 1875

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