Life in the Corona Times ~ Ravneet Sangha

It’s taken us all by surprise and has taken the wind away from our sails. There is also the serious and the gravity of the situation as it is fatal, and the consequences are far-reaching. However, the humour is keeping us alive, and we try to keep each other’s spirits high. I have been calling my friends, family and video calling them just to see and talk and share the woes that have fallen on us. All the housemaids have been given leave, and none of the domestic help is coming as there is a lockdown. So, what we are doing is that we are the cook, cleaner, washerwoman, press wali all rolled into one. In fact, a bai has her duties outlined, and she’s paid for it, but women who are working cant handle this change in rhythm.

One of my friends, who is a high profile banker in Delhi, is finding the change in roles crazy. Her entire pace of life has gone for a six, she works from home, and before she knows it, it’s lunchtime, and she hadn’t cooked! Then she tried to engage her daughter in cooking and let her learn some pro tips, but she didn’t want any of that. It’s the proximity between the spouses that is somewhat stretching it!

Imagine just meeting your husband or wife in the evenings when you are at best behaviour; there is love, tolerance and empathy to understand that both have come back from highly competitive jobs. But with the lockdown in place and being with each other 24×7 is taking a toll. They don’t know what to do with each other r what to talk to, suddenly new and newer facets of their personality are coming forward! Some just are getting OCD in washing their hands to such an extent as one says, hath ki lakeer mitt Gayi hai, I would need a new Aadhar card.

We are a privileged lot, we have taken everything we have, our lifestyles, our travels, our positions for granted and haven’t cared a hoot for what this virus entails. It’s scary, and this shit is real, its the apocalypse, Armageddon all rolled into one. The pandemic is on us, and I don’t know whether we will survive it but in the meanwhile keep sane, use the common sense we all have, stay indoors, don’t hoard and be compassionate to the lesser ones. We all have enough to spare.

One socialite was so worried, as she had nowhere to go, no school runs, no coffee date, no sundowners to attend and where would she show her new Bottega Clutch. There were no events to put on makeup, and none to take a selfie and post. In times of social distancing, one had to maintain the proper etiquette’s, and she didn’t remember when was the last time she went au natural! To keep you all in check, she meant her face !!

I also worry about our leaders, they haven’t spent so much time with their wives in along long time, that they do sometimes get the urge to give a speech to them only! Our pind Bhaiji has the best answer to the mask, he says safa is the answer, and he uses it for a mask, to wash and wipe his hands and he says this is the best. How does one explain what hygiene is to him?

Seriously, though take out time to be, connect and find yourself and this too shall pass.