Sisters of the People: The charity using books to help underprivileged children

Sisters of The People is a fund-raising arm of the well-known NGO Servants of The People Society, established in 1921 by Lala Lajpat Rai. The charity bookshop was started in 2002 by Late Mrs Satyanand in Lajpat Bhawan, Delhi has been there for over sixteen years now. They have a wide collection of books for all age groups covering all genres, all of which have been voluntarily donated by the owners.


Sisters of the People, a charity book shop based out of Delhi; have a wide collection of pre-owned preloved and vintage treasures. They are raising funds from the shop to support 18 baalwadis across the city, contributing towards the education of underpriveliged children.

By selling used books, we are promoting the concepts of reuse and recycle amongst people.

We asked the team at Sisters of People

What does one book sale mean for an unprivileged child, i.e. food for a day? Textbooks for a semester?

All the money you spend in there supports over 1000 underprivileged kids in 18 balwaadis across Delhi. We have children in the age group of 3-6 years and the funds are directed towards their educational expenses including books, stationeries, uniforms, food, medical care and decent salaries for the teachers. We are preparing these children for getting admission to good schools. Thats the final goal.

We at Sisters of the People are giving a second life to these. We are a team of volunteers working towards the cause. We are selling the books at a discount of 50% or more making them accessible to one and all

Plans for the future

We want more and more visibility for our cause and footfall for our shop. We are reaching out to people digitally through Instagram, not limiting ourselves to the shop. Taking orders and delivering them to buyers all over India. Our motive is to raise maximum funds for our balwaadis, the underpriveliged kids. In the process we also intend to create buzz around the concept of reuse and recycle since all the books we have are donated second hand books. Also we are tying up with restaurants and cafes for them to keep our books at their outlets encouraging people to read more.

For those not in Delhi, How they could help the cause?

We are a zero-waste book shop intended at bringing a reading revolution amongst people. Keeping in sync, we have started an Instagram page around 6 months back, reaching out to people far and wide with our cause and offering. We are delivering books to cities PAN India. We would like people to spread the word, talk about us, our work, buy from us, a volunteer with us, write about us. Any kind of support is welcomed.