Look Chic & Classy in Formal Wear by Aparna Chaturvedi

I know when you think of formal wear, there is a very basic picture that comes to our mind. A Black pant, white/ Pastel Shirt, a thin belt formal shoes and maybe a tie and a formal jacket. How about this? A nice printed fancy skirt and a chic striped shirt with heels. Still can’t frame it? Then here are some tips for you to look Chic Instead of looking stereotype in formal wear.

We all know the basic difference between formal and casual. I have been working in the corporate world for almost a decade until I decided to quit and start a website of my own. Though I need not wear or splurge on formals anymore there are some tips I would like to share irrespective of what shape and size you belong to. Whether you are new to formals or still learning, I am sure you will look classy everytime you decide to wear professional wear.


1)  Skirts and Dresses: Choose wisely when you decide to wear formals. Don’t go too over the board. Any dress or skirt up to knee length is considered as appropriate. Moreover, short clothes not only is inappropriate, It can also give off an inaccurate impression. Always remember, don’t get recognized for what you wear at work but your professionality.



2)  Accessories: When it comes to accessories be very minimalistic. Bag, Belt, and footwear are the absolute important ones. If you love wearing jewelry then Watch, earrings, and a thin neck piece are just to name a few you need to add. Again don’t go too over the board, you may end up looking like a jewelry shop and I am sure no one wants to look like that. In short, your jewelry shouldn’t make noise.



3)  Choose Nudes: Nude shades are a life saver. Trust me in case if at all you get confused to decide what to wear when it comes to formal just pick anything Nude and create a look. A professional wear is all about looking subtle. Not too loud nor too bright but subtle. For example, Add a nude formal jacket to your look and you have a completely different persona altogether.


4)  Don’t be afraid of colours: let me warn you this does not include neon or loud colours. I know this heading my get you confused as I mentioned being subtle but no one likes to look boring isn’t it. For example, if you choose to wear a nude then add a splash of colour to your look. It can either be in the form of a piece of cloth or any accessory you decide to wear it can be your bag or even shoes. But as I mentioned just a splash. Choose pastels to be on the safer side.


5)  Footwear: the most crucial part of the formal dressing. They say ‘people judge you on the choice of your footwear’. Of course, when we are talking about formal wear you won’t end up wearing sneakers, Isn’t it? But wearing high heels is not considered to be appropriate either. I personally hate wearing them but many think that wearing high heels enhance not only the body structure but the status as well. But on a contrary Male have no such rule or belief. So be very careful about the kind of footwear you choose. On a professional note don’t wear high heels choose them prudently if at all you love to wear them. And in my opinion, even if you have very few footwear make sure they all are classy. Moreover, make sure your shoes are always in a neat and clean condition.



I love giving bonus tip and this one is very essential, Always keep your hair dry. Never leave your house with wet hair, It leaves an impression that you are not serious about your profession and moreover no will take you seriously either. And anyways that looks quite unprofessional too.

I hope these tips will help you with your next choice to buy formal wear. Always remember to look chic and classy as boring is too cliché.

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