Miss Piggy by Ravneet Sangha

I must admit there is one thing that I can’t do. I can’t pout. I just can’t pout to save my life or to get a selfie. I mean they do come out right but man! I can’t pout. How do all the girls and the women get it right? I don’t even know where my cheekbones are, you know those knife-sharp cheekbones that are contoured and suddenly they come out just like the Alps.

I still can’t figure out which side of my face is the right side, I have freckles on one, and the other one shows my nose like Cleopatra just out of Asterix. you know where Julius Ceaser loves her on the barge and serenades to her. I take pictures and upload them just like they are meant to be. I guess am old fashioned like this.

Maybe my soul just is stuck in the black and white era and the kodak moments where every picture meant money, every negative was money. Not the digital age, where one can take a zillion pictures and keep on taking till the perfect one comes along.

Have you ever noticed at Punjabi weddings here and I’m guessing everywhere when a picture is going to be taken, we all tighten our stomach muscles, make a pose and then smile and crick our necks and try to glow as if Fenty Beauty would save us and make us more beautiful.

We use filters, apps to make ourselves look thinner, get more likes and, have weirder snap lenses to be more attractive. What about recognising the true face and just presenting that? Increasingly I see women losing themselves and their identity to conform to beauty standards set by the West. One has to be fair, pristine white, have a statuesque body and hair that is bouncy and beautiful tinted with colour and then to have those killer cheekbones, perfect nose and bee-stung lips.

And these are the same women, who share quotes every day where they share highfalutin quotes. The pressure that is created is so vicious and immense that they spend a lot to achieve this look. I have seen girls getting so many treatments done to their hair that I wonder how the hair even survive, and what about the chemicals that are seeping. Vfnnfsvw njnnv VA in their systems.

‘And this is something they don’t ever consider or just remain oblivious to the whole thing or are in an escapist situation thinking that it’s not going to happen to me. I wish we would have a safety board where guidelines could be set to save us for these chemicals that seep into us maybe a Fitbit to actually save us. In fact all these fancy schmancy hair treatments, peels and surgery did correct the face and just to get those likes. Do you know I have had people who have also asked me why I didn’t like their post? Or, the best is checking every post on social media but never commenting and never posting and what comes on my mind is that people who don’t post on Facebook think they have a degree in maturity.

But, the social pressures these days are such that men are posing are shirtless and showing their abs( photoshopping them with oil ) and slick back hair and women with their poses with a soft filter and bigger eyes to just be more attractive.

In the end, it’s all about the pout and all I can think is about the village kids who were so taken by a foreigner that they kept on smiling and saying ok and ok with screwed up faces. So, all I can do from now on is to screw my face like a pig and try to look attractive. Or maybe be a Miss Piggy and be cute.

NB: The article compares no one to a pig and is written to spread awareness about the social issues surrounding beauty standards set by the west.