Monsoon Ready with Luxury Fiberglass Planters – Bonasila


The much-awaited monsoon not only brings joy and a sense of romance but also gloomy skies and musky smells into your home. Enjoy the spell without making your living space look grey and dull. By adding small décor elements, you can combat the dullness and add a bit of cheer without burning a hole in your pocket.

Don’t let the monsoon take away your sunshine. Want your home to look wonderful and welcoming always?  Luxury fiberglass planters – Bonasila have got you covered this monsoon season. The planters are so effortlessly elegant that the sophisticated will feel as if the indescribable element in their inner vision of a beautiful space has been placed in front of them. 

Bringing home some lush green house plants to induce a calm and cooling effect in your home would be a wonderful idea. Placing the plants in the right type of planter is equally important, so Bonasila has a range of planters introduced this Monsoon, helping you overcome those gloomy days by keeping in mind the concept of #GoPopthisSeason. These planters are lightweight, water-resistant and  frost resistant 

Introducing planters like Cilita, Orino, Vonny, Conza D, Ovalio, Molli, Leppo and more that are available in colours like scarlet red, orange, green and chrome Yellow suitable for indoors and outdoor purposes adding a fresh vibe to your home. 

Price : Rs. 2,000 to 8,000