Numerologist Sheelaa M Bajaj does weekly predictions from July 19 to 25

Sheelaa M Bajaj, India’s most renowned celebrity numerologist does weekly predictions from July 19 to July 25, 2021. Find out what’s in store for you for this week.


Career: Let go of all your Fears. You gain strength, courage, and confidence from every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face.

Relationship: Your partner will plan a surprise getaway, make sure you give them your thoughts.

Health Tip: Stay away from dust as it may cause irritation and nasal issues.

Tip of the Week: Drink Prosperity tea to attract wealth.


Career: Your mantra for this week is to take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Time to learn from your mistakes and move on. You are going through a spiritual ascension.

Relationship: Don’t keep things to yourself express them albeit gently and not as a raging bull.

Health: You will experiment with healing techniques like reiki and yoga.

Tip of the Week: Maximise natural light in your house.


Career: A good week to sign new agreements at work. New projects will bring great rewards.

Relationship: You will find the love of your life today, don’t rush things, take it slow.

Health Tip: Pay attention to your posture as you might have issues with back pain.

Tip of the Week: Keep something red in your South of the house.


Career: You may feel a lot of emotional turmoil’s dear crab, but these are testing times, and you will come out of it with patience.

Relationship:  Marriage proposals come your way, don’t rush. Take your time and make a decision.

Health: Try yoga to calm your mind from stress.

Tip of the Week: Keep something blue in your kitchen blue for cash liquidity.


elationship: Control your anger this week. Don’t let projections of others affect your relationships.

Health: Stay hydrated as you tend to be tired most of the time.

Tip of the Week: Install a mirror near your front door to keep the path clear.


Career: This week a lot of new things are planned for you. However, taking a leap of faith and moving forward will be a much-needed change.

Relationship: A person that loves you will express it today. Stay calm and enjoy the moment, it could lead to great things.

Health: You could have a headache towards the end of the week.

Tip of the Week: Keep a Money plant in a purple pot in the southeast of your house.


Career: Stop procrastination and take charge. Do not tip your scales think logically and leap forward.

Relationship: You will have to convince your family about your loved one. Everything will come together gradually. Time to show balance.

Health: Your mood will receive a boost with the progress at work.

Tip of the Week: Keep a crystal globe in the northeast of your house.


Career: You will have a new colleague that will help you in the days to come. Be diplomatic at work.

Relationship: All the solutions to your problem are right in front of you just change the direction where you are looking and trust your instincts.

Health: Issues with muscles and ligaments may arise.

Tip of the Week: Use gold-coloured items in home décor.


Career: Time to learn new things. This is now a good time to come out of your comfort zone for people who want to embrace anything new.

Relationship: Your partner will be moody and will demand most of your time. Make sure you give them attention and love.

Health: You will be irritated most of the week. Take care of your temper. Stay calm.

Tip of the Week: Use rose essential oil to improve your temperament.


Career: A good day to plan an outing with your colleagues. Understanding them better will help you build a team.

Relationships:  Long distance relationships work better than expected for you.

Health: Take preventive measures to avoid an upset stomach. Don’t eat junk.

Tip of the Week: Keep pyrite crystals in your house to attract wealth.


Career: Stay composed at work as there are chances of debates with your boss.

Relationships: You will find someone attractive on the internet. Enjoy the moment.

Health: Pay attention to your hair and skin, go for ayurvedic treatment if needed.

Tip of the Week: Put away the clothes that are torn.


Career: Your presentation and opinions at work will be appreciated by your bosses. You will be considered for a new role within the same company.

Relationships: A loved one will visit you after a long time.

Health: Cold affects your health.

Tip of the Week: Keep Arowana fish figurines to attract wealth.