Numerologist Sheelaa M Bajaj weekly predictions for July 5 to 11

The most renowned celebrity numerologist, an acclaimed tarot master, Feng shui master and author, Sheelaa M Bajaj does weekly predictions for July 5 to July 11. Here’s what’s in store for you for this week as per numerology based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – 

Career: Aries sign people will have new opportunities arising at work. Best is to stay positive, and you’ll achieve success in everything you do. 

Relationship: Where matters of the heart are concerned it would be good to plan a date night out as your partner, needs attention. 

Health: If you have been overworking yourself show some self-love and pay attention to muscle issues, consult a doctor if required. 

Tip for the week: Declutter your home and especially look out for old clocks that don’t work best is to throw them away.

Taurus –

Career: Taurus the bull starts the week with emphasis on signing a new business deal This decision will be a sound one. 

Relationship: As your week progresses you will find that your partner will support you in some important decisions. 

Health: Positive vibes will allow you to stay calm and make decisions for your highest good. 

Tip for the Week: To tap in on prosperity do keep a cinnamon stick with you for prosperity

Gemini –

Career: The drain of this pandemic is affecting you as you are feeling stuck in your career however on the other end of the coin by focusing on the tasks you have in hand; this will lead to a promotion. 

Relationship:  Cupid has some wise words for you it is a good day to share things with your partner, as it will help you reflect your relationship from a different perspective. 

Health: Possible issues with lower back. And if need be, consulting a physiotherapist. 

Tip for the Week:  Keeping a dry tulsi will invite prosperity.

Cancer –

Career: It is time to come out of your shell and apply for that dream job you have always wanted to. This will give rise to moving into a new city for work.

Relationship: Your partner may surprise you with a gift this week, make sure you reciprocate and surprise him/her. 

Health: Stay hydrated as this summer heat might be strong for you. 

Tip for the Week: A quick tip to invite Goddess Lakshmi into your life would be to chant Shreem Brzee to attract wealth

Leo – 

Career: You are shining like the amazing Leo as you make your peers feel happy working with you. You are the go-to person to complete tasks this week 

Relationships: A good week for romance, as it helps you understand your partner better.

Health: Stay calm, as everyone approaches you for help. Don’t get stressed.

Tip for the Week: DECLUTTER that should be your magic mantra.

Virgo – 

Career: Certain delays at work could affect your mood which affects tour stress level. But on the flip side you will receive all the appreciation you deserve at work. 

Relationships: Your partner might be craving for some love. Time to light some scented candles and spend quality time together.

Health: Take care of your stomach, keep junk food away. 

Tip for the Week: Wearing blue will make you more focused and productive. 

Libra –

Career: A good time to make investments. And take up new projects or assignments.

Relationship: The Libran scales might see some balance in terms of a transition in a relationship so if you have not made a commitment do not wait any longer.

Health: Stay clear of experimenting with skin products, as it could cause irritation.

Tip for the Week: Keep negative energies at bay by doing salt bath daily. 

Scorpio –

Career: Be diplomatic at work, as you might have an argument with a one would want to be at the receiving end of your Scorpion sting. You may however move into a different team at work.

Relationship: Don’t rush into commitments, as things aren’t stable with your partner.

Health: If you have been toying with the idea off hitting the gym the time is right to start working out. 

Tip of the Week: Do dress in light colours to keep your mood positive.

Sagittarius –

Career: Take caution and don’t make investments or loan money to anyone. This might seem like a day where you must make a lot of decisions. 

Relationship: On the home front an argument with your loved one will make you unhappy, however this setback is needed, and you will get back stronger together. 

Relationship: Avoid eating junk food at all costs as the extra inches around the waist will be a potential health concern. 

Tip of the Week: Drinking tulsi tea will be good for you to mitigate this 

Capricorn –

Career: An opportunity to work abroad is on the cards. Pay attention to detail at work as your superiors will be impressed with everything you do. 

Relationship: It is best to stay calm if you have an argument with your partner. 

Health: Time to unknot those frazzled nerves by pampering yourself to a massage. 

Tip of the Week: Invite lady luck by carrying three Chinese coins for prosperity

Aquarius –

Career: Steer ahead and be confident to present your ideas at work. Your opinions will be considered while setting up a new process. Which will bring you the confidence that you need. 

Relationship: Time to also balance your romance factor by Meeting your partner after a long time, as it is a good day for romance this will help uplift your mood. 

Health: Stress related health issues may crop up, meditate to keep your calm

Tip of the Week: To help ease the money stress carry a money amulet to attract wealth.

Pisces – 

Career: The much-awaited promotion or recognition will finally make its way to your doorstep. However please stay focused so you get the job done easily. 

Relationship: In matters of the heart an old lover may try getting in touch, decide wisely whether this is worth your energy or time. 

Health: Staying calm will allow you to improve your mood and look at things from a different perspective. 

Tip of the Week: Keep a money plant on the south east of your house in a purple pot for wealth.