The Village Baker 1 by Ravneet Sangha

Why food? Food is what binds us , bonds and kept us going during this lockdown and its continuing . Ive always loved food , being a Punjabi but just fussy about it . You know how it should be , it could be the simplest of simplest fare be it dal chawal but it has to be in the right way . I think there is a whole science to the food we eat . No, this isn’t about the types of food ,nor is the series on what I made or will make . None of these recipes are mine , they are all from the chefs who have mastered the art of fine cooking but its the tweaking that I do , I love adding a bit of me to it , a secret ingredient that makes it a tad bit better . .Give food your own personality . It helps to de-stress ,have you ever even see a cook in depression? No na ! I love creating my own food but by visualising what it would be in my mind and how it would taste . The key to all this is a clean kitchen shelf , preferably your side , and writing down the recipe on a piece of paper or having your recipe book open . Use your iPad , screen shot anything , but have the recipe out and then lay out all the things that are needed in the order and some music in the background and just start with positivity . It’s my take on everything , that it will be all right . I always have a spare napping to wipe my hands but what’s  best is also the back of your salwar shirt or what every you are wearing , my hands automatically go there to wipe or wring my hands when washed .How many of you do that or your mothers do that ? The telling marks are always there . So. Is it in life ,e everything will leave an imprint however faint it might be . So choose your path , and tread carefully .I start off with a handmade granola , that I love for snacking ,add ing in my yoghurt bowl , or just over ice creams or a crunchy healthy substitute to my junk food habit . I also have it with my coffee and as this journey progresses you will know of my love for it along with books and romance .Coming back to my granola it’s everything in a big bowl preferably a big glass one , add in your favorite nuts , and raisins and flax seeds and pumpkin seeds with a generous amount of honey ( just as we have to lather ourselves with sunscreen in India ) and a pinch of salt.You know this pinch of salt balances everything , it brings the flavour out and enhances the sweetness. Just as we need a balance of the good and bad to make life easier !  Spread on a baking tray with parchment paper , spread the mixture and before spreading a dash of cinnamon ( if you like it ) otherwise omit. Bake only for 10 minutes by the clock ( I burnt mine when I left it in the oven) at  180 degrees C . Take the tray out and add some chocolate chips on it  ! However tempted you are to eat it , let it cool , greedy fingers.

Ingredients: One cup of oatsA handful of mixed nuts and raisins ( use what came as Diwali gifts )Sprinkle pumpkin and flax seeds , one tbsp in total2 tbsp of honey And as much as chocolate chips. A pinch of  salt 

Bake , take out and send back a review to me .