Poetry an Alchemy by Meera

Some refer to poets as magicians while some call them as alchemists, but I feel, Poets aren’t magicians else poetry is magic in itself, Poets aren’t alchemists yet Poetry is alchemy in itself. People call Poetry as a creation of some creative minds, but I think poetry is a masterpiece of some eternally Beautiful hearts. Poetry introduces us to a world full of fantasies, yet it is a wonderland that teaches us to survive reality. For me, Poetry is a realisation of Beauty while interpreting Life. I wonder, I wonder, and I love to get lost in this universe of words that teach me to explore myself along with discovering others. Poetry is my means to discover the undiscovered, to expect the unexpected and to love the unloved, to heal the hurt and to soothe one’s soul with a language of unsaid words that are expressed within a few verses. I am amazed at the sight of those poets who tend to convey the deep thoughts of a length of almost a novel just within few lines that too in rhyme!! I am surprised at that rhythm of poetry.No doubt poetry has no tune to have a rhythm for but it has words, and that also have a beat in themselves. Poetry is not just a form of expression, but it is a reason for which one feels like expressing.No matter how long I travel in this world of words, writing stories, quotes or blogs but I always come back home, and that’s my poetry indeed!!