8 Lessons from Chintakindi Mallesham ~Rahul Pasumarthy

It’s been almost three months since my dad shared a link with me on Whatsapp. It was a Ted Talk in Hyderabad, where I came to know about a man named “Chintakindi Mallesham”. The inventor of Laxmi ASU machine. Recognising his mother’s pain made him invent the Laxmi ASU Machine. He struggled for seven years, but all his hard work paid off. He received many awards and won the Padmashree too. Recently his biopic was too released. From a 10th class student to Padmashree Award Holder, his life taught me the following lessons.

  1. Whenever I listen to his name the thing I get in my mind is “Never give up” because he invented the machine without any technical guidance from anyone. As he didn’t know English, he used to carry a dictionary to understand the meaning of words when studying books on electronics.
  2. Even though your friends, family and even the whole world are against you. You should believe in yourself and in your dreams. One-day, the whole world will recognise your efforts. His friends and other people in the village made fun of him and his dream
  3. Patience is the key to success, sometimes success takes a lot of time to come into our lives, but the thing is we should wait for its arrival with lots of patience. Chintakindi Mallesham waited and tried for seven years to invent Laxmi ASU machine.
  4. Don’t see your problems as obstacles to success. Mallesham completed his 10th class after three attempts. But, he never thought that this was an obstacle to achieve his dream.
  5. Knowledge should be the ultimate goal. Today’s youth is running for marks and ranks leaving knowledge aside. However, Mallesham’s dream made him learn things for his dream not for marks.
  6. Necessity is the mother of all invention, Laxmi ASU machine once again proved it. He had seen the hidden pain in moving hand 9000 times front and back for each saree by his mother, motivating him to invent this machine.
  7. Fight back in tough times. Suicide becomes the primary solution for so many people when they failed in an exam or some other thing. They get depressed and they think like it is the final stage in their life. However, even though we are in a tough stage understanding the reason for failure and bounce back is the perfect way for success.
  8. Believe in the dream. Even though the entire world is saying that you can’t make it, he was told only engineers can invent this sort of thing. He strongly believed in his dream and made his wife and mother believe, that one day he will do it.