The Young Generation & Depression by Fizza Durrani

When a country’s crime rate goes high, it is not the old folks home that plans a robbery, nor the children in the day care. It’s the young generation in high schools , the graduates or drop outs. It doesn’t matter what their backgrounds are or what their education statuses have been, youngsters have been found more and more indulged in crimes of all sorts since the past few decades.

So the question is this: Why does a child of a naive mind decide to risk his freedom and peace of mind and spend the rest of his life behind bars?
The answer is simple yet sad. The minds are frustrated and depressed.

One would think about how impossible it is for a mind so young to be frustrated in life already. It’s actually not about age at all. Depression does not discriminate. Curious and innocent minds are even more prone to be frustrated and depressed than adult minds. How? Let me explain.

An innocent fresh graduate who is not old or mature enough to understand the racial discrimination in a society will be frustrated and depressed much easily at the lack of answers for unequal rights given to him as his fellow graduates, than an older adult who understands how racism works.  

A naïve mind will find it frustrating how anyone can walk over them and no one seems to punish such a person. The lack of justice will encourage the idea that they can take unlawful measures to succeed in life because they will not be confronted.

A curious, innovative mind will be frustrated at the inability to display his talents to the world and the lack of opportunities despite the presence of vast options.

Comparisons to other people who are doing better than them will drive them crazy while they’re still trying to figure their life out.

The constant race of being the number 1 at everything and the fear of not being accepted with anything less, will eventually tire their brains out, leading to depression and frustration.

The pressure of nothing being as good as the medical profession will be hard to take on for some minds that want to explore their options.

This is the reality of what is happening right now in education systems, social circles and working environments.

The society has a similar box for every young mind to fit into. They are brought up and trained to fit inside this particular box. Failure of being satisfied with this fact leads to confusion, frustration and depression in young minds. This ultimately leads to going beyond the borders of law and ethics to satisfy their minds. Hurting others and making them suffer is a classic effect of frustration.

 We are living with the concept to compete, compete and compete to be the number one even if it means pushing the others down. Instead of supporting each other and working together to make a better community, we are being taught to be the best because that’s the way to survive. This needs to stop. The constant struggle to beat everyone else is not only unhealthy for others but also for one’s own self. 

We need to make the world more open for our younger generation. We need to broaden our minds and perspectives. We need to create more space for them to live, think and breathe. Give them opportunities, give them platforms, give them justice. Encourage the idea in their minds that their hard work and talent will be cared for and given credit to.

The young generation is our hope to a better future. If they are not given the care they rightfully deserve, they will not be the only ones to suffer the consequences.