Tips For Baking A Delicious Eggless Cake

By Chitravan Dubey Mishra, Founder of Cawnpore Baking Co. and Patisserie Chef

Planning to bake a cake but thinking of skipping the eggs? Well, it’s possible! Eggs are known to make the batter smoother, silker and give your cake the right texture with more stable air bubbles. While baking the cake, eggs are the ones that can give it the right structure, moistness, and consistency. Conventionally, eggs are used to help in binding all the other ingredients such as sugar, butter, milk etc, together so that the batter becomes super light and fluffy. Well, if eggs are the secret behind making a good cake, then how is it possible to bake without them!

Well, if you are vegan, egg intolerant or just simply looking to ditch them then, Chitravan Dubey Mishra, a renowned baker and founder of Cawnpore Baking Co. is here to share some tips and tricks that can help you whip that eggless cake you have been craving for!

Find the alternatives

In the place of eggs, you can still ensure to have the same eggless cake ingredients ratio. For that you can start considering the substitutes of the same that can suit your palate and goes well with the cake you want to make. You could go with substitutes like baking soda, applesauce, mashed bananas, flax seeds, and vinegar that can render the same taste sans the eggs.To give an added rise in the baked cake, you can even use sour curd as that can provide a good amount of moisture and fat in the batter.

Take precautions

Since you are not using the eggs, you can consider caution while preparing the batter. Make sure that you do not overbeat the batter as without the eggs, the cake should collapse in the middle when baked. However, make sure you beat the fat and sugar batter nicely for a frothy and creamy texture.

Play with ingredients

Now that you have decided to skip the eggs then you can avoid adding a lot of the dry ingredients into the cake mixture. Without the air bubbles, this addition can lead to the deflation of the batter that has been created by beating the sugar and fat together. So a possible solution can be to combine all the dry ingredients in a separate container and then mix them to the batter slowly and for a longer time to prepare a delicious eggless cake.

Care while preparing

While baking the cake and once the cake is baked, you should take extra care about the timing. Possibly, a good way to bake an eggless cake is to ensure that you remove the cake from the mold as soon as you take it out of the oven. Don’t let it be out for a long time as cooling it for long will make the cake dense and flat. As the cake is already eggless, the lack of bubbles will not give it the fluffiness and depth that you have been seeking for!

Baking a cake is a fun activity but without eggs, it could be a real challenge. However, baker Chitravan Dubey Mishra considers this challenge a good task where you can try your hands at baking eggless cake delights such as Vegan Coffee Cake, Marbled Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread, Vegan Chocolate Chips Cake, Eggless Apple Coffee Cake etc. Follow these tips and tell us your favorite eggless cake recipe!