Unique Beauty Tips I learnt from Bloggers by Fizza

Beauty gurus on social media platforms have made makeup application so versatile and easy not only for beginners, but makeup lovers in general. I, myself, have learnt a lot of what I do in my makeup routine from beauty bloggers and makeup artists on YouTube and Instagram.

Let me share some of the best tips and tricks that I learnt from said artists in the hope that they will help some of you, too.

Set your primer with powder- Jackie Aina

Yes. Setting primers is a thing. Put your primer on as you normally would and set it with powder like you would set your makeup. According to the gorgeous African-American makeup artist, this helps the makeup stay in place and keeps your skin oil-free for a very long time.  

Use stick foundation as waterline eye pencil- Rea Rana.

The beauty-with-brains makeup artist from Pakistan taught me that you can use the back of your eye brush and dip it in your stick foundation to line your lower waterline and it. Is. Genius! It is more visible and stays put longer than a lot of waterline pencils I’ve used. And trust me, I’ve used a lot!

Fix your eye shadow mistakes with your skin tone- Wayne Goss.

Do you accidentally put on a lot of eye shadow in the outer corners of your eye or near you brow-bone? Having trouble blending it? Does the pigment keep spreading more and more? This English makeup artist and entrepreneur has the solution to your problem. He demonstrates that you can use powder or stick foundation of your skin tone to blend any excess or misplaced pigment on your eyes. The trick fixes the damage in seconds.

Adding an inner corner highlight – Huda Kattan.

Along with several other beauty tips and tricks the Dubai-based makeup artist and entrepreneur, Huda Kattan, taught me a trick that I have probably used the most out of all of them. Adding a highlighter shade to the inner corners of your eyes will make you look like you have had your coffee and 8 hours of sleep. It instantly makes your eyes look brighter and more open. Try it out yourself!

Dab concealer directly on your makeup sponge- PONY.

Korean makeup artist Pony suggests that applying your concealer on your sponge and then on the skin makes the whole process faster, easier and more natural-looking and I agree. The sponge not only absorbs the extra product to prevent cakey makeup, but also gives good coverage. 

So these were 5 creative makeup tricks that I learnt from beauty gurus online. They have surely worked for me and I would definitely recommend you to try them for yourselves and see what they do for you. Get creative and experiment with your makeup. Do you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share with everybody?