Valentine’s Day Ready with International MUA Pooja Sethiya

The season of love is here again, and I personally believe it’s the month to spread love & there’s nothing wrong in being cheesy and wearing your red & pink outfits that match with your perfect romantic makeup. Here are few quick makeup looks you can achieve for your dinner date or even a night out with your favourite galantine.

Diffused eye shadow for V-day

Using shades of pink on your eye gives that whole spring vibe. The best thing about pink is that there are so many shades to chose from, so you can totally customise your eye shadow to fit your vibe. This look isn’t too harsh or bright. Fits in perfectly for your day brunch or coffee date. 

Red & Gold combo

This is a perfect combo if you’re not feeling pink for Valentine’s Day. And to make sure all your hard work doesn’t smear or smudge by 3pm, prep your lids first with a good eyeshadow primer. Or you can also prep your eye with full coverage concealer if you don’t feel the need to invest on eye primer and that works really well too.

Pink winged liner 

Instead of your typical eye liner, try this pink winged eyeshadow for Valentine’s Day. Dip a flat angular brush into your eyeshadow or you can also try a cream eye shadow for more control and opacity. Now smooth it out all over your whole eye lid before winging it out with a precision eye shadow brush to create a sharp, graphic look. 

True Red bold lips.

Don’t fear the bright and bold shade of lipstick- if there’s anytime to wear it, it’s Valentine’s Day. When you’re wearing such a bold colour that’s attention grabbing, go easy on your eye makeup to keep your look fresh and natural. Bonus points if you have a bright red manicure to match. This is the most cliché look but very classic and my most favourite.

Just peachy 

Using the same shade eye shadow, lipstick and blush gives a soft, understated take on the monochromatic trend. It looks great with any colour, but we like this pretty peach shade. This is a perfect soft romantic look you should definitely try.