What book to read based on your personality? with My Secret Book Shelf

Personality TypePersonality Trait (source personalityperfect.com)Reading Recommendation
The Inspector – ISTJ Personalitytrustworthy, intimidating & reservedWhere The Sky Feels Cold by ShrutiDhora P Mohor    MRP-300 INR  blurb: A reticent Mehra family, comfortably nested in obscure Kaudiyala on the lower folds of the Himalayas, is rocked by emotional unrest as their daughter Supriya provides refuge to Farooq, a Kashmiri student of temple art, a distantly related family unit, empowered by a new citizenship law arrives and settles down with them, and Sudarshan, indifferent towards Supriya’s love for him, comes in search of his love Farooq at a time of raging political crisis in India. In this novella four lonely hearts redefine love, rediscover longing and explore the strings that continue to tug at their hearts in difficult times.
  The Nurturer – ISFJ Personalityconsiderate, loyal & unselfishThe Barefoot Surgeon by Ali Gripper MRP:265 INR  blurb:SandukRuit was born into the lowest rungs of society in a tiny, remote Himalayan village in Nepal. After long and difficult treks to attend boarding school in Darjeeling and, later, the best of Indian medical colleges, he met the remarkable visionary and Australian ophthalmologist, Fred Hollows, whose invaluable mentorship would enable him to take on his lifelong mission to restore vision to the poorest of blind people across Nepal and the rest of Asia
The Composer – ISFP Personalityspontaneous, fun & lovers of lifeYour Best Day is Today by AnupamKherMRP:300 INR blurb:The Covid-19 pandemic is considered as the most crucial global health calamity of the twenty-first century. It caught humankind like a deer in the headlights. All across the globe, people were unprepared to face this disease head-on. Apart from enduring the impact of the socio-economic and political crisis, we had to deal with the consequences of staying inside our homes without knowing what the future held for us. The severity of this disease forced us all to become homebodies.This phase has reminded us that we must strive to find pleasure in life’s simplicity. It has also taught us the significance of the smallest of things we always took for granted. As humans, we have a tendency of leaving things for tomorrow, and this crisis has made us realise that the best day to do anything is today
The Champion – ENFP Personalitythoughtful, perceptive & optimisticStrangers She Never Met by Indranil Roy MRP:199 blurb:Did she make the mistake of her life by seeking help from the police to thwart an impending terrorist attack?” Afreen was to remain baffled and grieving for the rest of her life. In order to save others, she lost her family and no longer had the right to be herself as well. Before long she found herself caught in the middle of the most vicious conspiracy the country had even seen. The thin line between trust and loyalty was becoming slimmer than ever. Will disgraced police inspector Karan Singh be able to protect her and succeed in winning the battle against unknown enemies?
The Counsellor – INFJ Personalityreflective, eloquent & visionary25 essentials to happy leaving by preetipathakMRP: 160 INR blurb:Have you ever experienced or explored true happiness? Have you ever felt hesitant to share or express your happiness with others? Have you felt anxious and torn apart within yourself or with others without reason? Are you looking for peace, positivity and purpose? If yes, “25 Essentials to Happy Living” will enable you to explore true happiness and how to achieve it! It touches upon a basket of emotions and attitudes present in our heart and mind. With PreetiPathak’s effective guidance and experiences, you will be able to truly comprehend positivity, emotions and a de-stressed life A check point for you to pause, reflect and even change all that is harmful to you and your loved ones. Read ahead, to let this book shine the light within you for a contended and beatific life.
The Provider – ESFJ Personalitygracious, thoughtful & harmoniousAftertaste by NamitaDevidyalMRP: 217 INR blurb:namitadevidayal provides a captivating account of a baniya family settled in punjab headed by amatriarch, mummyji, who is in hospital after a stroke. The todarmal family, glued together by money not love, includes the weak and emasculated rajan papa who is desperately in need of cash;sunny, the dynamic head of the business with an ugly marriage and a demanding mistress; suman,the spoilt and greedy beauty of the family who is determined to get her hands on mummyji’sbestjewels; and saroj, suman’s unlucky sister, who has always lived in her shadow. Each one of themwants mummyji to die.
The Visionary – ENTP Personalityinventive, logical & energeticThe Lost art of good conversation by SakyongMiphamMRP:479 INR blurb:In a world of smartphones and connectivity to social media and e-mail, we are all in constant connection with one another. So why are so many people feeling burned out, distant from colleagues and abandoned by family and friends? In this new book from the bestselling author of Running with the Mind of Meditation, SakyongMipham uses the basic principles of the Shambhala tradition–meditation and a sincere belief in the inherent wisdom, compassion and courage of all beings–to help readers to listen and speak more mindfully with loved ones, co-workers, strangers and even ourselves. In this easy to understand and helpful book, SakyongMipham provides inspiring ideas and practical tips on how to be more present in your day-to-day life, helping us to communicate in ways that elevates the dignity of everyone involved. Great for families, employees and employers and anyone who spends too much time on Facebook and Instagram and feels “disconnected” in our “connected” world, The Lost Art of Good Conversation is a journey back to the basics.
The Thinker – INTP Personalityinsightful, logical & observantInkrediaLuwan of Brida by SarangMahajanMRP:195 INR blurb:WhenLuwan finds himself in a grave danger, he has to make a daring choice. The village that kept him safe all these years can’t protect him anymore. Either he can stay and die or he can step into the dangerous world outside and make journey to a city that will keep him and his sister safe. But there is a good chance that this journey itself will kill him. He sets out, but only to find that his peril is far greater than his calculations. He heads into a mysterious new enemy, a band of legendary assassins that are sent to bring down men of great power. Luwan is clueless why they are after his head, but they don’t offer him the luxury to find an answer to that question. He is thrown into a relentless run across a great distance. As he travels, he learns about the fascinating places in Inkredia, about powerful relics and… about the dark side of Inkredia. He faces the great force of Ilmor that gives birth to incredible nonhumans, the demons that he must face. Little does Luwan know that he is part of a great conspiracy that shall shake the entire kingdom of FalDoram, a vast land best known as…Inkredia. What is the force of Ilmor? Can Luwan protect his sister against such powerful enemies? Will he find answers to all the mysteries?
The Performer – ESFP Personalitylively, sympathetic &thoughtfulThe Art Of Being Grateful and other Stories by Manali Desai MRP:150 INR blurb:Aashna receives a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night. The caller is a girl who says she has been kidnapped and will die if Aashna doesn’t help her. Before Aashna can get details about the girl and her whereabouts, the phone gets cut off. Who was she and why did her voice sound eerily familiar? Will Aashna be able to help her? Maanvi’s life has always been about making everyone around realize that she is worthy too. From her test grades to her body type, everyone always had a piece of advice to give or some judgement to pass. How does Maanvi get affected by these? Does she manage to prove her worth to the world?
The Craftsman – ISTP Personalityspontaneous, enthusiastic & pragmaticLayla-A constant blur by SahilBhambriMRP: 120 INR blurb:An attempt at everything that is there to love and see in a Philosophical context dealing in Contemporary Romance, sexuality, Alternate chaos that holds some Kantian thought or Nietzsche’s theory against them, and more. Every chapter holds a poetry of itself describing the whole chapter, just like a stability and beauty in Death and overrated Rose. It’s the story when Nakin in his escape from the aches of heart about the gone encounters just another fine personality like her, like Layla; what happens next is a series of encounters becoming a story. At first, there’s no plot or structure but as it goes, the very same arises grasping your mind over “back and forth” occurrences. The very back and forth will seep into you, until you realise that life surely is a quest, an illusion, and death just as real, an escape or another journey to yet to be discovered.
The Giver – ENFJ Personalityimaginative, accepting & outspokenA Bollywood Affair by SonaliDevMRP:693 INR blurb:MiliRathod hasn’t seen her husband in twenty years—not since she was promised to him at the age of four. Yet marriage has allowed Mili a freedom rarely given to girls in her village. Her grandmother has even allowed her to leave India and study in America, all to make her the perfect modern wife. Which is exactly what Mili longs to be—if her husband would just come and claim her.Bollywood’s favorite director, Samir Rathod, has come to Michigan to secure a divorce for his older brother. Persuading a naïve village girl to sign the papers should be easy for someone with Samir’s tabloid-famous charm. But Mili is neither a fool nor a gold-digger. And before he can stop himself, Samir is immersed in Mili’s life—cooking her dal and rotis, escorting her to her roommate’s elaborate Indian wedding, and wondering where his loyalties and happiness lie.
The Doer – ESTP Personalityunconventional, impulsive & activePataakha by Vishal BhardwajMRP: 173 INR blurb:They cannot live with each other, they cannot live without each other. As children, they squabbled all day long. When they were old enough, they married two brothers, and took with them their feuds to their in-laws. Boisterous and fiery pataakhas, sisters Badki and Chhutki are the bane of each other’s existence. Their days start and end with petty squabbles and violent clashes, marked by unapologetic use of free-flowing abuses. But one day things go too far and a decision made upturns the trajectory of both their lives.
The Supervisor – ESTJ Personalityorderly, highly productive & results oriented7 steps from shame to being back in the game by SomduttaSarkarMRP: 539 INR blurb:SomduttaSarkar, the Intensifier Mentor, the founder of Intensify Life Magazine & Intensify Humanity podcast wrote this book based on her personal experience in life. From being broke, no help, no support system, no clarity and only darkness to turning her life to not just quit her 9-5 job but also clear off the debt (which she took from bank to help other people!) she realized that there are ways how people can come out of their problems in life, however intense those are. She penned down all the steps that she has taken and how she turned around her life in her book ‘7 Steps from Shame to Being Back in the Game’. Her mission is to intensify the life of others to get back the power and freedom and hence she has shared all these in a step-by-step manner in this book of hers. This is not a motivational book. This is an implementation book with various exercises. This book is a perfect example of how one should deal with their problems and choices which went wrong and the way how she overcomes all her problems to live her dreams. For all those people who feel worthless and are depressed, Somdutta’s book will inspire and push you to come out of your unwanted situation, out of guilt and shame and be back in the game!
The Idealist – INFP Personalityreserved, value driven & creativePoems in a chai cup by MuktiMasihMRP: 150 INR  blurb: Poems In A Chai Cup is a collection of simple and easy-to-understand poetry meant to be read while sipping Chai. This book is for Chai and Poetry lovers, for readers and non-readers. The simplicity of the poems makes the book extremely relatable to people of all age groups. The first volume contains a collection of poetry on the themes of love, longing, hope, strength, dreams and friendship.
The Mastermind – INTJ Personalityskeptical, strategic & competent2035 by Shruti Jain and NilutpalGohainMRP: 205 INR blurb: In a dystopian world, technology has taken over. “One platform for all” ensure there is no privacy anymore, everyone is a slave of their own digital life. Siddhanth, a refugee in hiding and Rhea, a brilliant software engineer meet by fate and embark on an adventurous journey through ‘Toggle’- a Conglomerate almost ruling the world. “Is technology making lives easier or is it a slow poison strangling humanity?” as Rhea begins to question it all, Siddhanth has his own demons to deal with. The duo is astounded on deducing that the society’s darkest minds are connected through a network to have their machinations come to life as justice for the rest of the society. As Rhea and Siddhanth try to survive the surreal reality, Toggle will not entertain people meddling with their convoluted plans…
The Commander – ENTJ Personalityoptimistic, decisive & independentFearless Love: Anthology by VikramKolmannskog and Stefan stormMRP : 350 INR paperback exclusively  blurb: On 6 September 2018, the Indian Supreme Court delivered a very progressive verdict on LGBTQ+ rights. In celebration of the one-year anniversary, Mohini Books has created an anthology with texts focused on fearless love. The verdict shows inclusiveness in both form and content, a value that is arguably the best of both Indian culture and queer culture. Inclusiveness has also been a guiding value in the creation of this anthology. The contributors self-identify as men, women, cis, trans, gender non-conforming, gay, straight and with various other sexual and gender labels. Many are Indian or Indian-origin, but there are also contributors with Scandinavian, Pakistani, Sudanese and other national backgrounds. Texts are in the form of poetry, essay, short story, song lyrics, and letter. These are interspersed with quotes from the beautiful verdict. The anthology is available digitally for free – and as a printed book at production cost.
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