What is a Label ? By Ravneet Sangha

Gigi Hadid labelled her kitchen cabinet and the world went into a tizzy and a sneak peek of the Shan masala further more so . Labelling is so easy and to stick a sticker on. Labelling us as a terrorist is so easy . Let me show you what we are and what arsenal we have stock piled and where . It is simpler than googling , I can just tell you in three simple steps. You go to a building in the middle of anywhere , it  has a sword like , very tall pole fluttering with a flag with an insignia. It is a simple square constructed building , it can be rectangle and you enter the big big hall with a lot of windows. Sikhs love windows to look out and flaunt he selves decked up in peacock colours of the turban and the women , how beautiful they are . They are the best and this is all thanks to the genes we carry from our ancestors and Aryan interbreeding . Then you have long mats spread and you sit on them and then the stockpile comes . You sit on them irrespective of being an upper caste Indu or a low caste Dalit ( sorry I wrote this ) but Dolores Umberidge made me do this . You are then given a weapon of your choice , starts with a generous helping of dal , with sabzi and the quintessential prasada , with dahi . Punjabi adore their milk. And hence the kheer after wards . My dear blind Bhakts , I am sue in your lifetime you must have been visited. Gurudwara and had langar . Did you not in the depths of your soul get a sense of contentment and gratitude ? How come you and halts never researched that Khalsa Aid is working on the lines of Bhai Ghanaiyaji and Red Cross on the lines of humanitarian help to all across religion , country , borders to embrace all in term of need . What a blooper to tar the image by labelling us this ? We d not want a separate state , India is ours ,a nd we are proud Indians and that is why we lay our lives time immemorial defending the borders. How many times do we have to prove our patriotism? And why do we have to do that ? Who are you ? Labels are given to to organise , to easily locate and identify , distinguish from another . Labels are meant to be kind , to be gentle and to give name and not  harm or segregate that we  start hating each other . The virtual world labels us as fat , smart , body ashamed us and those troubles are enough for us to handle !!! And for me , I got labelled as Mommy , Mama , Mumma ,and Ammi . These are the labels of love that cross borders of religion ! Just imagine what law I would be charged for.Manipulation of news to suit a section of society isn’t needed but the unity and the cohesiveness of the spirit shown by all the farmers is a tribute to the rea India and the protest is the single largest one in history of mankind.And the ones bothered about the pizza , it juts got bigger !! Label that . in fact , just because the organisation decided to help Sikhs for a change , it became like Sadda Kutta kutta .Tuhada kutta Tommy .It’s ok to be a saint while helping everyone and everywhere but when we help our own brethren we become labelled as terrorists and funding is questioned . Guru Nanak ji started the initial bank and it continues…..