The Importance of Reading ~ Ayushi Sharma

Why we often see the great CEOs or billion dollar empire owners are always well read people? 

Well, we all know literacy is important and that is the success pillar of any nation. more literate the people are better is the society to live in. But is literacy the ultimate goal?

Nations which have stopped at this goal have not survived long in the race of innovativeness. Then what next? Should we not take baby steps to reach a goal and set a goal?

The answer is NO. Goal becomes our destination and we stops there and then. We may thrive for more and more feeding a monster inside us who is ever hungry. This is the time when we run out of our sanity and takes a hyperbolic path towards where we started. This tears apart people. 

Then what is the real solution? should we not consider fulfilment of a goal? or even define a goal? because then we become slave of that desire. What is the middle path people should take? where is the solution?

Nobody know the right answer. But yes defining goal definitely constrains us and restricts our potential. However the continuous evolution of a human being constantly reminds him that there lies a bigger picture. Nothing should be seen in silos. From where do people see these bigger pictures? even bigger than themselves?

Its the good literature which gives them a company! There is a constant state of flux which tells them to look beyond and just not trapped in your little vision. How to define a good literature? Well, that’s a question which nobody can answer upfront. But yes one thing is for sure, if the literature which you read do not troubles you or brings agitation in your thoughts it is not a good literature. This can be a little thumb of rule in my perspective. 

Just as 3R’s are important in services which are “Reachable”, “Responsive” and “Reliable” makes a service consumable similarly the good work should also be available, Talked about or discussed about and should have reliable sources in its content that makes a book noteworthy. 

Books defines and refines our perspective. It evolves us with time. It challenges our brain. it gives us food for thought. It helps us to be humble to be patient and there are so many other countless reasons which are to be written down. 

The biggest one is though ” READ AS IF YOUR SUCCESS DEPENDS UPON IT”. May sound cliche but its true and very very true.

Ask yourself a question? Why do I read 

Simple answer is the more ideas you absorb from your environment more ideas you will assimilate and give them a new perspective. You will always remain relevant in your field of work. You will always be able to think out of the box! There will be times when some things don’t make a sense to you, but it’s not a pitfall. Either resolve that conflict or put it aside in peace. Even if you are taking away some things its a achievement.

Always keep challenging yourself for good reading speed. It’s fine to be a slow reader speed will come with time. In digital space we have so much options now, we have app like Audible which can do the job for you even when you are on move! So save time in whatever manner you can

Read all genres even those which do not fall in your comfort zone. Some like art, philosophy, literature, fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, motivational, self-improvement, mystery and the list goes on. But the true beauty lies in switching the genres. It definitely teaches you something which you could not imagine. That’s what sucks out the best version of you from you. 

There are so many good communities which encourages you for reading. My personal favourite is #Goodreads. You not only comes across other readers who shares their views but at the same time it’s a virtual collection of all books from where you can select the best out of the best! You really feel inspired. It’s true that drive has to be from within but sometimes external factors just accelerates it for you!.