Work-Life-Mom balance

By Jennifer Mulchandani

Remember how you thought you were “exhausted” during those long Friday work days that turned into nights accompanied by drinks only to wake up to a hangover filled working Saturday. Those were hectic weren’t they? But wait- you’re a mom now. And besides managing the life of your little pumpkin you’re also working. Now let’s go back to those pre-baby days, shall we? Were you really busy? Or exhausted? I bet your smiling thinking- Was I naive!

There are those absolutely remarkable days where you’re handling that concall with a client while putting your munchkin to bed for nap time or wrapping up work early (only to get back to it later that night) to take your little one to the park while you manage to squeeze in some sort of a workout – that’s the good stuff right there and it makes you believe you can truly have it all! But of course, it can go horribly wrong (more often than not!) with your little one going through the terrible twos complemented by a crisis at work that found the worst possible moment to show itself. Nights merge into days and you’re just plain exhausted.

So, how do we manage two full time jobs without letting it all come crashing down? It’s hard- no doubt but with a little planning and a few tried and tested tips – it can get easier!

  1. Embrace Chaos and lower your standards for order in your home. Also – get with the program and avoid any white furniture.
  2. Having a Positive mindset really helps. It helps keep you sane even when everyone and everything around seems like it’s falling apart.
  3. Add to that, Sharing the load with your husband and family whenever possible so that you get some time to wrap up work, squeeze in a workout or just unwind.
  4. Plan and schedule your entire week as meticulously as you can to make sure everyone knows their responsibilities. Brownie points for planning your day, the night before to make sure the menu and the entire day is organized.
  5. Center your chi through exercise, yoga, spending time with yourself or whatever floats your boat. You need to make sure you’re getting some me-time so that you’re the best version of yourself for your little one.

And if push comes to shove and you think you just can’t do it anymore- remember :
You literally had a baby growing inside you for 9 months that is now dancing, talking and becoming a cooler version of you! If you could do this (with a little help from the husband of course!) you can quite literally do just about anything. You’ve got this. So- make that mom bun, fold those sleeves and hustle.