10 reasons why you should rent instead of buying- by Ashri Jasiwal, Co- Founder, Ziniosa

We all love luxury, and today luxury is something that most can afford to own, buy or even rent. Step in Ziniosa- we solve your entire problem by offering luxury to rent, on your terms. We are here to change the way India shops! Rather rents. By being India’s first subscription based rental and resale service for luxurious handbags that is both unique and pocket friendly. Why should one rent, the reasons are listed below:

  1. Renting saves you money.- Renting is effective, it saves money, and you always have the option to change your bag, outfit and pick up something new without spending exorbitant rates. 
  2. Renting helps reduce Fashion Waste.- It helps reduce carbon footprint. Yes! Its true, you can recycle and reduce fashion waste and help the environment too!
  3. Renting lets you flaunt a look every time you step out. – Change your look each time you step out. It’s that easy and easy on the pocket too. 
  4. Renting lets you space closet space. – Closet space is the biggest problem a girl can face, so why clutter your closet with things that go out of fashion in one season. Renting saves you that trouble and keeps you fashionable at the same time!
  5. Renting allows you to try luxury designers.- It definitely does! It give you access to try more designers and brands without pinching the pocket. 
  6. Renting saves you time that you spend in shopping malls.- We all love to shop, but its easier to click online, rent your product, use it, return it when done!
  7. Renting gives you more variety to experiment with your style.- You have the option to constantly change your style with each passing season. 
  8. Renting is great for maternity wear.- Expecting mothers don’t need to buy clothes that wont fit later- this is great way to not clutter your closet and make space for new trends
  9. Renting makes travel easy, you can rent specific clothes for your trip.- If you’re someone who likes to flaunt what they got when they travel then rent is it!
  10. Renting gives you an opportunity to try a luxury product before you invest in buying it.- Its always nice to own luxury, but its even nicer to feel, touch use, rent and then take a decision on buying it!