Numerologist Sheelaa M Bajaj does weekly predictions – August 23rd to 30th 2021

The most renowned celebrity numerologist, an acclaimed tarot master, Feng shui master and author, Sheelaa M Bajaj does weekly predictions for August 23th to 30th. Here’s what’s in store for you for this week as per numerology based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – 

Career – You will be busy with meetings today. This will allow your communication skills to be showcased and will earn you greater rewards.

Relationships – You will reunite with your old lover. It is time to put your past behind, and embrace the new doors opening up in the matters of the heart.

Health – A change in weather will make you sick.

Full Moon Affirmation: My relationships bring me joy and happiness, and I approach them with kindness and patience.

Taurus –

Career – Keep your communication channels clear. It will help you get things done efficiently.

Relationships – You will wait for a lover that left you. Though it may be wise to move on.

Health – Drink fresh fruit juices for clear skin.

Full Moon Affirmation: I accept applause and recognition for my ideas, work and contributions.

Gemini –

Career – You will meet interesting people at work. This is the right time to build connections.

Relationships – You will get love if you are willing to receive love. Open your heart Be open to meeting new people.

Health – You might have a cold.

Full Moon Affirmation: Creativity, inspiration and passion runs through me effortlessly.

Cancer –

Career – Finances look good. You will generate additional income if you are more dedicated towards ensuring you want a healthy bank balance.

Relationships – You share a lot of similar interests with your partner. You will bond well with each other.

Health – A sore throat affects your health. 

Full Moon Affirmation: Every day I move closer to the ideal home for me. I allow myself to rest, sleep and self-care.

Leo – 

Career – Focus on completing your work on time. You will have distractions that will impact work and inevitably your superiors may not be happy with this.

Relationships – You could try signing up at a gym with your lover as you bring the best out of each other. This will create a healthier bond (pun intended)

Health – Sportspersons will injure their leg. 

Full Moon Affirmation: I am continuously provided for. Joy and excitement guide me towards fulfilling my dreams.

Virgo – 

Career – You could consider a new job. You will come across interesting job offers that will bring you greater success only if you are willing to step out of your box.

Relationships – You will procrastinate planning a date night with your partner, please have it on your agenda as this will warm the bond between you two.

Health – You might have a back pain.

Full Moon Affirmation: I am a powerful manifestor and I am open to receive beyond measure.

Libra –

Career – You will have misunderstandings at work. Keep your ego aside and be good to your team mates. Stepping from the high horse now will be to your benefit.

Relationships – You make your partner feel special with the words you say. They will be happy around you. 

Health – Try osteopathy for help with your muscle tear. 

Full Moon Affirmation: I am deeply connected to my Higher Self. I love and honour myself as much as I love and honour others.

Scorpio –

Career – Work is very challenging today. Your friends will help you with your work and do not be afraid to ask for help.

Relationships – Keep your egos and temper aside, you will do good. Your partner is nice to you and this will be a good time to lean on them for support.

Health – Try reiki and yoga for healing.

Full Moon Affirmation: I embrace my healing process. I allow my ancestors and guides to inspire me every step of the way.

Sagittarius –

Career – Your team loves to have you with them as you give solutions to problems. You are very creative.

Relationships – Introduce your lover to your family. They will bond well with each other making you happy.

Health – You might be stressed 

Full Moon Affirmation: Following my dreams guides me towards change, progress and even more opportunities.

Capricorn –

Career – You are a winner in all that you do. Your team will come to you as you help everyone perform well.

Relationships – Surprise your lover. You could send them a bouquet with a hand written letter and this will nurture the bond that you both have.

Health – A ear infection hampers your day.

Full Moon Affirmation: As I lead with grace, wealth, money and prosperity follow me wherever I go

Aquarius –

Career – You will get a pay rise. Your finances look great, and you will do amazing in your job.

Relationships – Your partner will make you feel special with gifts. You will love their efforts.

Health – You might have an eye infection. 

Full Moon Affirmation: I am capable of magical things. I am open to expand my belief system and to dive into what I don’t know I don’t know.

Pisces – 

Career – You will get opportunities to lead your team. This will earn you a great recognition.

Relationships – Plan a trip with your lover. You will have a great experience knowing each other better.

Health – You can enrol for Zumba classes.

Full Moon Affirmation: I release all the blockages that keep me from reaching my dreams. I transmute all negativity into love and growth.