Aditi Rao Hydari On Beauty, Self-Care And Being Yourself

By Zahabiya Ali

Gushing royalty, serving the best Cannes looks, and always the one to put together a good skin and hair look, Aditi Rao Hydari needs no introduction when it comes to beauty. From the all natural bare-skin selfies to the on-screen looks, the actress has proved that self-care is key and beauty is all about being yourself. She talks to us about her go-to beauty essentials, her hair care routine, and how to get the perfect brows.

On Her First Beauty Lesson

Like most of us, Hydari’s beauty philosophies are strongly associated with her mother. “My mother is just naturally beautiful; she glows. I first learned from her that if you are just yourself, you are always beautiful. I don’t think there are better beauty tips; it has to start with you.”

On Her Go-To Beauty Essentials 

“I have always been a DIY person and used to making my own concoctions, but today I see the value of powerful science-backed products that offer care and kindness. For me, hyaluronic acid has been a big plus, and I also used it through the lockdown.”

On Her Haircare Routine

“Today, given our lifestyle, there is a lot of dehydration in the hair, you get on flights, or you’re constantly doing things to your hair, putting texture, products, hairspray, and it really dries out your hair, so I always use products that are moisturising and hydrating. I enjoy using the L’Oreal Paris Hyaluron Haircare Range. I love using my Grandmother’s recipe, and I oil my hair, of course, that’s true, but I have to be practical too, because I have to wake up in the morning and shoot, so for that, something like the  L’Oreal Paris Hyaluron Moisture 72H Hydra Filling Night Cream is really wonderful because I can sleep with it and wake up with silky hair which then can be put through various heat treatments and still be fine”. 

On Following Beauty Trends

“I think science and results are most important, and I don’t subscribe to trends. My skin is too sensitive, so I must be careful with it. If there’s science behind it, I am there, otherwise, no!”

On What Beauty Means To Her

“I think the obvious way to look at beauty is its association to glamour, but I feel beauty is actually just about being yourself, being your most authentic self and shining from that place, and nobody or nothing can dim that beauty because you shine from within and it’s really about self-worth.”

On Her Thoughts On Wellness

“I think it’s really about happiness, and happiness stems from being able to live your 5-year-old self every day and seeing the joy in the little things and just celebrating every moment. Especially post-pandemic, I feel like giving more joy and being happy from within is what true wellness is”.