Unique Fashion Tips & Tricks for You by The Tiny Ponytail


The one you spend all your time with, yet know very little about. We are not talking about knowing yourself in matters like what is your favourite food? or who is your best friend?  We are talking about knowing yourself in a way you can be a bit more presentable. I could have said Fashionable, but fashionable is a bit underrated for me. You should look presentable, not fashionable. So today I will focus on Sharing some of my views, tricks and tips on looking presentable. Okay without wasting much time I will directly jump to the topic and I will be sharing 5 tips with you guys. I know you might already know a few of the tips but I will still try. Hope this will help you all.

  1. Don’t follow any trend blindly: Change is the only constant. What you find fashionable today will be out of trend tomorrow. We are always under pressure to walk hand in hand with it and that’s where we go wrong. What we need to understand is adapting to change is important but only to an extent, it suits you. What looks good on someone not necessarily look nice on you.
  2. Labels don’t guarantee anything: We know that labels attract us. I mean who doesn’t want to wear a Sabyasachi lehenga on her wedding? But that doesn’t mean any other lehenga will not look good on you.  Everything looks good if you know how to wear it and much more than that if you know how to carry it. Anything from your local market will make you look as good as you want. 
  3. Know what you feel most comfortable in: I know a lot of you would want to wear shorts or short dresses and all because obviously you have seen many actresses and models wearing them and even you want to look as beautiful as they do when they wear it. But not everyone is comfortable wearing anything short. And shorts and a dress is just an example, it can be anything. Do not wear it just because someone is wearing it. If you are not comfortable wearing anything, you don’t need to wear it. No matter what. 
  4. Don’t compete: Competing internally kills the essence of happiness of wearing the dress. You obviously want to look beautiful but never compete on looking better than someone. They are good in their own way and so are you. Never forget that. Enjoy what you wear. 
  5. Try to know yourself better: I kept this point last purposefully. Knowing yourself is something we forget to do and I think never put any effort in. But trust me guys that’s something that will help you look more beautiful with each passing day. We have seen people wearing anything and look a bit questionable. That’s not because what they are wearing is not nice. It just doesn’t suit them. So please, before anything please try to know yourself. Try to answer some of the questions like, what is making me look more beautiful? Which colour suits me the most? Which occasion is the best to wear this dress?  What fashion trend is the most suitable for me? What is the fashion for me? 

That’s it from me guys, I know this is an ongoing and time-consuming process. But Its never late to start anything. Do leave your comments to help me know you better. 

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