Dreams by Meera

All of us have desires in our mind. They may be short term desires like scoring good marks at a test or excelling at our favorite sport or long term desires such as aspirations of the career we aspire to. Desires or wants is a vital part of one’s life but are we able to transform our desires into success every time? Do we lack in our efforts? I think we lack a well defined goal or a “DREAM”. But what is the difference between desires and dreams? Things which we want to take place are our desires and for things which we can strive hard and make them take place are our Dreams.

“Our desire cannot be our Dream,
But our Dream can be our desire”

Desire is in fact the first step for having a Goal or a dream.And the most common mistake we make is misunderstand between desires and Dreams and lead to a different pathway other than success. “DREAMS are a basic  ingredient to the recipe of  Success”

Before trying to convert our wish into success we should first try to figure out whether it is just a desire or a dream. For having a successful life we must have a clear well defined vision.Then accordingly have an action plan.

We often wonder what is the secret to success or what different things do successful people do?
But in reality,

“Winners don’t do different things,
       they do things differently”

Turning Desires into Dreams is the thing which they do differently.
Once we have a clarity in our dream it is definitely easy for us to emerge victorious. But having just dreams do not make you successful. It takes one more ingredient called “Efforts” and using no shortcuts.Because remember,

“There is no elevator to Success,
     You have to take the stairs.”

So,To summarise ,

SUCCESS= Dreams + Efforts

So, next time you have a wish you should make it your Dream and most importantly strive hard, take efforts and success is all yours.