Fizza explains how to add more plants to your house

Decorating one’s house can be a challenge, for the mind as well as the pocket. The easiest and most intelligent way of decorating is by putting plants around the house. This is advised for not only financial and aesthetic reasons, but also environmental and medical conditions. Now I don’t mean that you should put flower pots at every corner and every empty shelf. There are smart ways of adding greenery to your space. Here are a few ways and steps that will help you:

Do your research:

Educate yourself about indoor and outdoor plants. This is the most important step. You don’t want to put outdoor plants in your shady living room and indoor plants out on the balcony. Know which plants are good for you and where in the house they will grow best.

Around the house:

Add shelves and ledges to the windows and on empty walls and corners in your living room, garage or where ever you feel like something is needed. Don’t over crowd an area, just fill empty spaces.


Add shelves on your walls, on top of your beds, next to your vanity. Add a small touch of a potted plant on your window or your dressing table. Adding a plant next to your bed will also add a beautiful touch to your room if you have the space.


This is where the research comes in. It actually comes in everywhere but this is especially smart. Your showers are the most underrated spots of the house. Add moisture-loving plants to your bathrooms. You have no idea how alive and fresh your shower will feel afterwards.


Add greenery to the shelves, empty corners of the counters, window ledges. Here’s a pro advice: add fruit or vegetable plants to your kitchen like lemons, for example. Isn’t that cute and handy?

Get creative:

When working with something as versatile as a plant, you need to let your creative side take hold. Use Pinterest for references and inspiration. Here are some of my personal favorite ideas.

Use rope and old coat hangers to make plant holders and hang them around the place. Something like macramé hangers. These are especially best for small places where you don’t want to lose any more floor space.

Attach a rod to a wall and hang all of them to make a plant corner in your house. Not only is this pretty and organised, but also convenient for the care taker of the plants.

A wire grid is another organised and neat way to add plants to the house. Get creative and save loads of space and time with this idea.

Potted paper plants are a cute way of adding greenery (if not real) to the house. They’re cheap, low maintenance and very adorable.

Another way of making your plants look pretty and well-blended within the house are marble pots. Decorate the pots in whatever ways and colors you think will look best and voila!

Plants can be your best friends if taken care of. They will not only help you breathe fresh air but also make your place look more “home-y”. The greenery is a stress-reliever with a whole lot of advantages for the mind and body. It is not only a pleasure to the eye, but also to the mind. So what better way of decorating your house and your life than plants?