Duniya 2020 – Four Fashion Entrepreneurs & 30 Bespoke Designers Join Forces To Pave A Sustainable Way Forward

As we get accustomed to the ‘new normal’, four like-minded women, better known as modern visionaries, combine forces to shatter the glass ceiling, yet again! 

With a philanthropic vision to infuse awareness through a sustainable approach, entrepreneurs Hemali Jain and Priyanka Khanna, conceptualized DUNIYA 2020 – An initiative that began with the aim of bringing unique and artistic concepts to raise beneficence in a creative ecosystem. We speak to Hemani and Priyanka to know more about Duniya 2020.

Hemali and Priyanka’s take on – Local for Vocal 

We as consumers need to make informed choices. We want to support all our local Indian designers, artisans, tailors and labourers  and boost our Indian economy and even more so during this pandemic. If we can eat all organic and local why not wear organic, sustainable and local. 

Tell us about Duniya 2020. What was the impetus behind this vision?

DUNIYA – is an initiative conceptualised by Hemali Jain and I to raise environmental consciousness. Our philanthropic vision is to infuse awareness through a sustainable artistic and creative ecosystem. Duniya started out as an idea and soon became a project when we collaborated with Tanisha Rahimtoola Agarwal from Curato and fashion stylist Sanjana Batra. We are All like minded women who have all come together to bring in positivity and hope in times like this. 

What was the thought behind naming it “Duniya 2020?”

We wanted to create a new vision of how we want to live together in this “Duniya”. We realised that we want to make a change. We want the youth of India to come way forward for a better tomorrow. We have realised we are all in this together. One world one Duniya. We have come together to spread the awareness to lead a better sustainable life way forward. The agenda of the campaign is to support our Indian artists and designers, hence the name Duniya since it gives a more local feel and adds value to itself.

What is the clothing range priced at? 

As we feel affordability is the need of the hour. The price range varies from INR 2500-7000. 

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Sanjana Batra and the campaign ‘Save The Earth’? 

We all realised we needed to make the change. We all like minded people have come together to restore faith and hope in times like such. As a fashion stylist, she helped in bringing more designers on board and gave us more creative perspective on the project. All designers have created a distinct t-shirt with keeping ‘Save The Earth’ theme in mind. They have used recycled fabrics, earthy prints and beautiful embroidery. Every piece is a unique reflection of the designer’s own style.

Can you tell us more about Project Mumbai and why did you choose to partner with them?

Project Mumbai is an NGO that has constantly aimed to create several initiatives of scale. From creating ‘Khaana Chaahiye’ which feeds lakhs of migrants and helpless and poor to ‘Ghar Bhejo’ that has helped send several stranded migrants home, to delivering groceries to medically quarantined, helping senior citizens and physically disabled, starting mental helpline, to providing food to doctors, police, nurses etc. Project Mumbai has emerged as the GO TO institution for most citizens. While the COVID 19 fight continues they also believe that there are other equally challenging areas which require their attention, environment being one of them.