Yeh Dil Mange More ~ Ravneet Sangha

Every morning, the first thing we all do is reach out for our phones and check our social media ,you’d be lying if you say you don’t. Maybe , you are the saintly one and you don’t . But all of us then proceed to sit on our thrones and scroll and check who posted what or what pictures had been posted . Today is , Kargil Diwas, and it marks 21 years of the heroic war that was fought by our soldiers on the treacherous slopes to overcome the enemy and claim back the peaks.

So, I posted a single line status paying tribute to the years gone by , and the fact that it was Kargil Diwas. The sad part , is that I got four likes out of the 543 friends I have not that I was hankering for it to be trending or get maximum likes but the fact is that its not important . They will all see and not like the post , it hurts their gentle hands, but will keep on sharing mundane memes and go through stupid contests and other stuff that has no relevance.
Why is our patriotism so limited and so selective ? Barely two months have elapsed to Galway , but we choose to forget and go on with our lives as Corona hit us out of the ball park. You know as humans we are so selfish in saving our own asses that we forget in drinking kadhas and turmeric lattes and the ginger garlic shots we don’t even bat an eyelid for the soldiers who have died or die to save us so that we may worry about Corona.
Maybe I am being condescending or a sanctimonious prick but this has been galling me since last afternoon . Usually my sundays are lazy , I even switch off my from my Fitbit and give in to gastronomic feasts.

As a nation , we are so lost in divisive politics, game of thrones to bring Cersei and Tyrion to shame and worry more whether Dhoni would play or not . You know , if all the local leaders and the so called wannabe politicians would just com out in support of the armed forces and show some solidarity ad we could virtually support them ,out of your numerous friends there must be one army officer. Imagine how , you could choose to boost his or her moral by being behind me and acknowledging the supremes sacrifice.