Imperfection is Perfection – The Art of Compromise by Navtej Bassi

As I look to fly home to India for Christmas holidays, my sister has been pestering me to write her an article for her crowd-sourced news platform that she recently launched called “The Post India”. I have thought many a time to write something for her to show her my support, and whatever I wanted to write I wanted it to be perfect, something people would really want to read. I would always palm her off saying I want to write something based on facts, politics and something with substance, and not what make-up I wear (not that I wear any just FYI), or hair gel I use, and I really don’t care about sharing what my thoughts are on life with the world because why should I. Really does anyone give a monkeys what I think? However, the reality is that my quest for perfection and the best has always stopped me or rather been a barrier to me writing anything or even trying.

This morning while driving to work I was thinking “AGAIN” that I will have some time on my flight to India to write something to get my sister off my back. Of course, part of it was also to look intellectual in front of other passengers sitting next to me with a laptop and typing away or avoid having to watch Mrs Wilson (apparently an excellent series), that I downloaded on my BBC iPlayer. So, the perfectionist started brainstorming “AGAIN” about potential topics I could write on such as Brexit and British MPs acting like spoilt kids and playing musical chairs with who will be Prime Minister next and the absolute shambles that Brexit is, or look at the changing political landscape in Indian with the recent local state elections and Congress gaining momentum over the BJP before General elections in 2019. But I don’t need a source to back this up or start comparing facts and over complicate things because the odds are majority will agree with me that both are correct statements/observations.

We constantly complicate things in the search for perfection in life, perfect house, perfect job, perfect car, perfect body, perfect diet, perfect Instagram, perfect selfie (apparently this is also a thing). And our quest for a “perfect opportunity” is even more ridiculous because there is no such thing as a perfect opportunity, it is the opportunity that you have to make perfect for yourself, compromise a little and work hard to make it perfect.

And if all else fails, why can’t things be imperfect and be OKAY, does it have to be all perfect? Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect? All the quest for perfection really does is act as a barrier to us trying new things and adding to your experiences! So, I say don’t be scared to be imperfect and trying things that you are not good at, for all I know my article goes viral and I become a famous writer, I think we all know that isn’t going to happen. But this is the “Art of Thinking Positive” (maybe I will write my next imperfect article on that).

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