Looking To Buy Kurta Online? Here Are The Latest Trends You Should Know!

The widely worn form of clothing that is included in most Indian women’s wardrobe is the Kurtas. Evolving over time but still an essential yet fashionable attire, we bring to you some of the latest trends you must try while purchasing one

1. Collar-ed Kurti 

Like the name suggests, this type of kurti is a mix of shirt and kurti. Comes with collars and has the length usually till the knee, often accompanied with fancy buttoned up sleeves too. Makes it a perfect choice for all the ladies who choose to be formal in an ethnic style. The collar can be a full shirt style or you can find various designs of kurta with the chinese collar

Check out this collared kurti from Yufta:

C:\Users\Rahul Yadav\Downloads\Mustard Straight Kurta.jpg

2. Layered Kurti

In this trend the Kurti has gotten a jacket along with the kurti or usually has an overlap like a jacket, adjoined or separable from the Kurti. Commonly layered by another fabric on the base, it makes a gorgeous choice when you want that dressed-up look, as the layers add the necessary volume- giving the attire a complete look. This style often has a slit and is front open otherwise has two slits on the sides. When shopping on Yufta.com you can find some amazing options to choose the layered- top style kurtas as well.

Looking to buy something in this style, check this out: 

C:\Users\Rahul Yadav\Downloads\Maroon & Offwhite Printed Top.jpg

Maroon & Offwhite Printed Top

3. Peplum style kurtis or Tunics

Sported usually by young girls, who want to wear a kurti which is a tad bit longer than the shirt but does not go all the way towards the knees. The fit of this style is flattering as it is couturier to be well-fit at the top and flowy towards the bottom. Check this out while you read this and I am sure you will end up buying one:

C:\Users\Rahul Yadav\Downloads\Navy Blue & Beige A-Line Tunic.jpg

Myntra Store

4. A-line Kurtis

This style has been running on the women’s ethnic wear shelves for a while, however, still constantly trending. Usually long when checking the length but comes in various styles, patterns, embroideries and is a very pleasing choice. These are often matched in sets of bottoms and dupattas, making it a full attire. 

You must check out this beautiful A-line kurti from Yufta, you will love them all:

C:\Users\Rahul Yadav\Downloads\Purple Printed A-Line Dress.jpg

Nykaa Fashion

5. Dress style Kurta

A favorite choice amongst young women these days as they comprise of the perfect balance between modern and traditional. It come in a dress pattern and are complemented with pockets on the sides and some chic embroidery or tassels make it fancier yet elegant. Perfect when running to finish some errands or meeting a friend on brunch, often paired with fun earrings and shoes. Trending all the way. 

Check this beautiful printed dress kurti from Yufta

C:\Users\Rahul Yadav\Downloads\Women Kurta and Pant Set Pure Cotton.jpeg


6. Asymmetric or Hi-Low Kurta

These kurtas are shorter towards the front and longer at the back and have made a solid come back. This style has been admired by women of all ages and has been in the trend of women-wear. When choosing this style, always pick the bottom carefully, as the look is completed with a perfect bottom since it is shorter on the front side. Many women are seen pairing these hi-low kurtas with patialas and juttis (a Rajasthani footwear), making it a perfect ensemble.

Want to try this trend check this link

C:\Users\Rahul Yadav\Downloads\YUFTA Women Black & Yellow Printed Kurta.jpg


7. Straight Kurtas

These have tapered sides and fits well as per your body type. A commonly worn kurta by office-goers and college girls as these can be paired with pants as well as jeans that may or may not include the dupattas. This trend spells effortlessness in all forms.

 Want to buy some beautiful straight kurtas, check out YUFTA’s collection:

8. Kaftan Style Kurtas

These kurtas are in the style of the Kaftan which often have a belt or tie up for flaunting the waistline. The most trending choice in 2021& continuing in 2022 as well. Available in all colours and prints and sizes, they have been loved by women as soon as they made an entry in the market.

C:\Users\Rahul Yadav\Downloads\Yellow Floral Printed Kaftan.jpg

9. Angrakha Style Kurtas

A classic choice of kurta which guises like an overlapped coat in the Kurti form. This coat-style kurta is very stylish and have been adorned by women in all eras. The tie ups of these kurtis often have a tassel or a fancy hanging, enhancing the overall look of the outfit. 

10. Tiered-style Kurta

Tiered style kurtas have different segments and is almost floor length or shorter. The layers can have design and are sometimes embroidered attached with laces and fun ruffled sleeves. Available in various lengths they also exist in distinct colours and are found with the yolk of this Kurta being designer. 

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 Hope you enjoyed reading and checking out our trendy suggestions.