The Reluctant Memsahib ~Ravneet Sangha {Part IV}

It all boils down to the shoes and let’s see whether this snotty girl he was meeting would realise what he wore and was she old money or just fluff and wannabe? Anyone could become a lawyer and he knew she’d be opinionated, bossy, argumentative and would be one of those leftist, johla carrying rebel girls who wasn’t finding a Rishta. Resigned to his fate, he went outside and walked out to the foyer. He felt like the goat that knew it was going to be sacrificed for Eid!

It all seemed like a flashback from the black and white movies where a boy sat on one sofa next to his mother with a constipated smile ogling at the girl, and she poor thing painted and paraded to be the sacrificial lamb. Reaching her home, he loved the old bungalow feels, and it just had the right vibe to it. The entrance had these gigantic ferns in huge urns and a mirror, where his face looked back and he looked so ordinary. His mom and Chachi fixed their Chunnis and all the fuss that women did. They were ushered in by an old auntyji who was definitely in need of help, she had the funniest duck waddle and one behind her was a mousy one.They took over the fancy hampers and the flowers. I think Mom sort of goes overboard when she sees liliums and tuberoses. And she is a snob when it comes to flowers.

They were ushered to a beautiful room and in the middle of the carpet that was definitely silk, the colours were impeccable sat the biggest, fattest, beautiful Labrador. He could just marry for this. He was sold