The Reluctant Memsahib ~Ravneet Sangha {Part IX}

I think i think , she had a million voices in her head just like swineryy , her a favourite Instagram account. Did she want to take the plunge and go ahead with the decision to marry? Or did she want to procrastinate and keep it lingering on?

She was so confused, this was too soon and she had no answers to give. The guy was giving mixed vibes, she as attracted to him but that was no basis, especially after all this was being done via special formal societal channels. one had to take care of name, honour, izzat as if it was all the premise of the girl, just like she had to wear a chunni when the doorbell rang. It was all the brown family jokes that were exploding in her mind at the wrong time.

She asked him, what is your favourite book?

He knew this was a trick question, there was no a, b, c, or all of the above answers. She was testing him, and no true book lover could say which is the best.

For him, it all depended on what he was feeling, what he wanted to read, his state of mind, he wasn’t governed by stereotypes, sometimes comics made him happy .. and Asterix gave him all the answers.

So he just looked at her, she was scrunching her chunni and she looked cute, worried at the same time… Also kind of kissable with the cute nose.

The forty rules of love, and the difficulty of being good: on the subtle art of Dharma.

Checkmate , and he smiled.

He had her when he said the two names.

Let’s go meet the parents, she said.