As You Start To Walk On The Way by Amy Goldberg

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”

– Rumi

I use this quote a lot. It’s by Rumi. A scholar, poet, spiritual thinker and philosopher. I refer to it during presentations, public speaking, and it’s even on my website.

Why is it that I like this quote so much, and why does it resonate with me?

I find it’s a powerful statement when broken down. Maybe you feel the same.

As you start to walk …. This quote requires you to take action. Some kind of action. Action even in the face of self-doubt, fear, and one’s limiting beliefs. It’s having trust in yourself to follow your bliss, or whatever brings you joy – even if you’re not entirely sure what that is.

… on the way … It also creates some kind of awareness. That IF you start to take notice that you’re following a certain path, then things will happen. Something WILL happen.

… the way appears. This is where you need to trust, have faith, follow your gut instinct. It could be karma; whatever it is for you, it requires you to realize that as you start to notice your life, notice where you’re walking too (metaphorically speaking), try and experience new things, often the “way” opens up. It appears once you start to take notice. You’re exploring further. Expanding your horizon. 

Additional thinking says; “Often, I have been afraid to walk the way because I lacked the self-determination and the self-power go forward. My beliefs, my conditioning, and my doubts got the better of me and I stopped short. I quit, I doubted, I procrastinated, I made excuses and I let go of things before they could bloom into a great possibility. Rumi advises you to go ahead and walk on your journey. Even though you may doubt yourself, stay firm in your self-affirmation, make a decision and move forward.” An excerpt from the blog, Launch My Genius by Harish.

Clinical psychologist, Tari Mack, writes; “As you walk in the direction toward which you feel pulled, doors will continue to open. Follow your joy. Follow your heart. Follow your intuition. Keep gently scooting fear to the side, keep gently shushing it. Yes, fear, I know you’re there. And that’s okay. Just keep going. As you walk on the way, the way appears. Keep walking.”

Which reinforces the thinking that we tend to get in our own way. Fear stops us in our tracks.

Imagine if you simply acknowledged the fear. Understood that it does serve you well in times when you really need it. However, in situations where you’re moving from being comfortable to uncomfortable, you need to understand that fear does not serve you well here. You need to walk past it. Break through it. Move into action.

This is when real change can take place. This, however, is not necessarily where you feel confident. Fear can take over and stifle you. It can stop you from moving toward what could be a powerful shift in your life.

Ultimately it comes down to trust. Trusting yourself to take a walk (so to speak).

This is when you need to not listen to the naysayers, or the opinions of others. They don’t know you, like you know yourself. This is a time when you need to leap.

Sure, it could be a leap of faith, and yet, I think it’s a leap to get you closer to who you are, and where you want to be going.

Start trusting that, “As You Start To Walk On The Way, The Way Appears.”

I believe in you. Do you?