The Sycophant Nepotism Continues in Politics & Bollywood by Suchismita Ghoshal 

In our childhood, we were guided by our parents that “you need to make your own future by your own” ,”you have to single-handedly strengthen the soil beneath your feet” etc etc. I clearly remember I was my momma’s girl & used to depend on her in each & every work, let it be learning walk to going to place absolutely 10 hands distance from our house. Though the phases of growing up have taught me to be self-dependent on account of my father’s havoc mental illness to my mother’s overpressure & health breakdown in maintaining the equilibria of a professional life & housework. I started taking my own responsibility on my own, this resulted in a peaceful smile on my mother’s face.

In today’s era, our youth is much likely to be more engrossed or sublimed into the gossips of Bollywood or politics. Like, from storming taking a cup of “chai” in tea-stalls to turning any issues with a hot talk of these two criteria in the blink of eyes, our Bollywood & politics industry has bagged the 1st position in our day to day chit-chat or gossip section. Sometimes, hot discussions led to serious fights, which is never been considered as sober things!

I don’t know it’s me or others too think that such illegal fights don’t even give a damn to the attention of such high profile personas. Nowadays, their business on dividing people has been increased in a noticeable range. I pre said, middle-class families like us always guide their kids to be self-dependent on anything we think for our future to proceed further with. But the kids, the silver spoon holder from their birth don’t even have to struggle a little bit to furnish their future as their famous fathers or mothers have been already spreading the red carpet of their golden future.

If we notice carefully, the facts of ‘Nepotism’ & its broaden sphere in the recent decade will shock us! Let it be electioneering or Bollywood industry, there will be a huge number of overrated & self-satisfied kids who are cherishing every bit of their the advantage of wearing papa’s shoes.

In the politics, some self-made intellectual nominee has to either turn down their nomination or, face the unnecessary loss in front of a sycophant ineligible nominee belonging from a famous politician’s family. As a result, we lose the perfectly fitted person who deserves to be throned to the chair & would probably do justice to the basic demands we need immediately to be implemented in our area or society. This is the way nepotism is running wonderfully years after years, decades after decades. And, nobody has the voice to raise against these sycophants or a typical custom of corruption. Nothing to do, as they have money to repair or buy anything in this world except justice. We are absolutely deprived or kind of unfortunate from seeing the real kind-hearted politicians who think about society’s welfare & people’s well-being. Such nepotism bred algae sit on their magic seats & chew the notes paying no heed to the problems of their respective area. We are also responsible for this inconvenience showered upon us, for being servile towards previous politicians. Still hope for the day when awareness, courage & right decisions will be amalgamated & help a little to show us the justice of this society.

On the other hand, every year millions of highly eligible & extremely talented youngsters come running to the city of dreams for auditions only to accomplish their career in the Hindi film industry, or to establish themselves as a model of some sophisticated brands , or as a playback singer or as a superb dancer or choreographer and many more, even some of the fields are out of my knowledge though! The passion, zeal & hard work they put in their respective fields are obviously unignorable or beyond any compliments. But their dreams shatter into several pieces while watching some extremely overrated or childish kind of Starkid grabbing their position in a blink of eyes. It’s heart-wrenching when they can’t afford a thick bunch of money as bribe & simply driven out of the field with your baggage. Their talent & hard work gets every time failed in another audition or many more. The only reason behind it is they are ‘Strugglers’ & they don’t have the solution named ‘money’.Those silver spoon holder, the star kids of some prestigious directors, or of some famous actors or actresses are the luck holders & obviously the next generation bearers of Bollywood.This the reason films & the actings of such parody stars making the Bollywood a shit day by day. They are decreasing the ethnicity of our Hindi film industry. The real talents are remaining hidden behind the curtain crying & broken with their shattered dreams & these advantage holders are attending award shows as nominees with their heavy makeup & designed outfit by some famous designers. With every step they forward towards holding an award or nomination, the deprived talents waste their salty waters of eyes watching them in the silver screen of television sitting in their small house. This is how ‘nepotism’ chocks their desire of living, this is how they dwell in the abyss of utter bereavement & at last depression beckons them to choose the way of suicide. This is the way an overrated star kid becomes a “superstar” removing another real star from the soil of the earth.

Bollywood and Politics have been the two main breeding zone of nepotism. Nepotism not only demeaning the quality of these two fields but also keeping us in darkness to know the real gems hidden in our society. What if our children do face the same in the near future? What if they start blaming us & their fate for such injustice?

We need to think more from now. It’s the high time for everything.If we don’t raise our voice against this illegality of inheritance in these field of talent-search.We have time for change. Let’s think what actually we need to make a country well-equipped with deserved people  & full of betterments, not the manufacturer of ‘nepotism’!