Throwback to Fashion Week Ready with Celebrity MUA Neha Seehra

Paris Fashion Week: Alexander McQueen
Retro look at Alexander McQueen Show:

This look was my favourite from the Spring Runway show at the Paris Fashion Week. Apart from the amazing tailoring and fits of Alexander McQueen, I feel the makeup and hair looks on the runway were also quite inspirational and retro. I loved the drama on the eyes of the models and how beautifully it brings out the strong personalities of the models.
Tips & Tricks:The clean skin makeup with strong intense black cat eyes. 

Steps to Recreate this Look:
Prep and Base:Moisturise and prep the skin well with a good moisturiser. 
Add an illuminator all over the face.Pick a natural coverage foundation and apply it all over the face to even out any uneven skin tone.Choose a concealer and apply it only on the problem areas of pigmentation, dark circles or uneven skin problem areas.Apply a good lip balm for well hydrated lips.

Eyes:Powder the eyelids well. Choose a black gel eyeliner (my fav is Inglot black gel pot) and draw it towards the end of the brows. Go over it to give it a strong look. 

Tip to Create that perfect wing Eyeliner Sharpen a pencil eyeliner (use whichever colour you like), warm it up on your hands, apply it on the top lid close to the lash line with an angular brush in a straight line. Start with small strokes with your brush from the outer corner towards the inner corner and try to keep it as straight as possible. Go over it if you don’t have a clean line, fill in if there are any gaps and try to intensify the colour. From the outer corner stretch the line towards the end of the eyebrow and connect it back to the straight line drawn on the lid. Always remember to powder the pencil eyeliner with the same colour to fix it and not let it budge.
Fill in the brows very naturally and add mascara to give it a fuller look.
Lips:Nude shades of pink and browns to give a very natural colour on the lips.

Hair:Sleek and clean:Smoothing out the hair with a straighter and blow dry. Give a very clean parting according to face shape. 
Gel it back for a cleaned look and shine spray for finishing.